Thursday, April 21, 2016

Confessions on a Thursday

Because I do what I want.

Oooo, it's only been a month since I last posted this time! Progress!

Confessions are always good, right? Right.

* I am addicted to true crime shows. ADDICTED, I tell you. I feel like it's a problem, but I can't stop. I just started watching "Making a Murderer" a couple of weeks ago (yes, I am that behind the times). I'm about halfway through, I think, and my mind is officially blown.

* I found this pin on Pinterest and immediately starting plotting how to reorganize my pantry. I mean look at it. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL.


* Pet Peeve: When people can do nothing but complain about how awful the place they live is. I mean, you know you can move, right?? If you hate it that much why do you live there?? Mysteries of the universe.

* I bought a bunch of new plants in March and I've already killed one and another one is looking questionable. But the rest are alive! So that's something, right?? I have the WORST black thumb. Ever.

* I started Insanity a few weeks ago and it's simultaneously the hardest and most awesome workout I have ever done. I thought T25 was intense. I was wrong. So very wrong.

That's all she wrote today. Peace y'all.