Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday y'all! I am so excited for this weekend! We have a fall festival at a friend's church tonight and a friend's housewarming party tomorrow evening, plus hopefully lots of doing absolutely nothing!

Favorite song: 
Crash My Party-Luke Bryan

I just think this is the cutest song! Plus it's country and apparently I'm on a country kick right now.

Favorite recipe: 
I made a double batch of these last night for work and to take to the fall festival tonight. OMG nom nom nom! These are SO good and really pretty quick and easy, once you get past all the slicing of apples and making streusel. (Does anyone else kind of hate making streusel? It's always so tedious to slowly work all of the cold butter into the flour and sugar, and feels like it takes FOREVER. Clearly patience is not one of my virtues)

Favorite outfit: 
I think I will be wearing this, or some variation of it, once a week. These are the famous 47 cent pants with a chambray tunic, my new scarf from Charming Charlie's, and a belt. SUPER comfortable but really cute! I got tons of compliments on it, and one person said I looked really slender in it (Um, yes please!). I'm no fashionista and feel totally lost when it comes to putting outfits together a lot of the time, so whenever I put something together like this and really feel great in it, I usually wear it A LOT. Plus since I got those pants I had been plotting for how I could get away with wearing them to work since they basically feel like PJ's, and I pulled it off!

Favorite exercise:
Running! I am really trying to work on my endurance and speed! Because I have granny knees I can't run for too many days in a row, I have to give them a break. But I'm hoping to be able to run at least a couple of days a week and build from there. 

Favorite funnies: 
Classic Chandler
Friends don't let friends skip leg day:

Does this happen to anyone else? I swear my hair looks amazing when I just throw it up in a ponytail or clip while I'm straightening it, and then I try to recreate it for when I'm ready to leave the house and it looks awful!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Confessing Time

I feel like yesterday was kind of confession-y, but there's always more to confess right?

Also I need to come up with more creative titles for these. How many different ways can one title a confession post?

1. You know those 47 cent pants I got at Old Navy last week, that are really soft and stretchy and supposed to be comfy pants? Yeah, I'm wearing them at work today with a chambray tunic, and they totally work! BEST WORK PANTS EVER.

2. I bought the skirt at Target! I went to Target after work yesterday and it had been marked down to 50%! So between the discount and the $10 gift card I had I paid $3 for it! This has been a really good shopping month.

3. Someone brought donuts to work and I politely declined, but my resolve is weakening! Must. be. strong!

4. I ran yesterday and used Map My Run for the first time in a while. I got through 2 miles and felt all proud of myself for running 2 miles without quitting (which is good for me) and then I looked at the app and my average time was about 11:00 minutes per mile. Don't most people walk a mile in that amount of time?? So sad.

5. I need to bring a covered dish and dessert to the fall festival we are going to on Friday night and I have NO idea what to bring! Must plan these things better!

6. In other procrastination news, I have yet to address my Christmas party invitations, although I did gather all of the addresses from people so that's something? I feel like as long as I get them sent out tomorrow I will be good. So we know what I'll be working on tonight!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Random Thoughts Part Deux

I wasn't even going to blog today and then I was like, "But I miss it!" Great, I'm addicted to yet another thing. (Don't worry, I'm not addicted to like, drugs or anything. Just stuff like coffee and chocolate and reading and shopping and apparently now, blogging.)

So we'll try this kind of stream of consciousness thing and see how it goes...

I think I know what I want to be for Halloween! (Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?) I have an old Dorothy costume that's still in really good condition because I've only worn it a couple of times and now I have a Yorkie who can be Toto! Is that not the awesomest idea ever?? Of course I haven't told Hurley he's going to be Toto yet, I may just spring that on him Friday night and see how it goes. He can be kinda moody sometimes...

At least I'm not doing this to him.

(And yes, I realize Toto was a Cairn Terrier, not a Yorkie, but close enough!)

So there's this position available at work that I am thinking about applying for, and my coworkers keep telling me I should totally go for it and I would be great, but it's something I haven't done before so I'm not sure if I should apply or not! But it would be better pay and more of a challenge (in a good way) and I could even work from home sometimes. Gahh, I hate being indecisive!

There's this darling pencil skirt at Target that's on clearance right now, and they have just one or two left of my size, but it's only 30% off now, and I kind of want to see if I can wait it out until it's at least 50% off. I've read about the Target clearance schedule and I think it's in the middle of their two week window before they mark everything down again. But I'm afraid if I wait too long it will be gone! So do I wait and hope it will still be there in my size or just buy it now? First world problems much??

We got new phones last night (nothing exciting like an iPhone or Galaxy, it's a Samsung Avant. It's ok, I'd never heard of it either) which the way T-Mobile does it we don't have to pay for the phones up front (yay!) it's spread out over time, so our bill will be about $20 more per month (boo!). But it was good that we did because both of our phones were starting to do weird things and freeze up and stuff, which usually means they're about to bite the dust.

We're going to a friend's housewarming party this weekend, and I am so excited to come up with a cute housewarming gift! I'm thinking a basket with cooking supplies or candles or something. It really doesn't take much to make me happy.

We STILL haven't carved our pumpkins and we bought them a week ago! Hopefully we will do it tonight or tomorrow, because after that what's the point?

Thanks for reading my totally random and not at all planned blog post!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Just another manic Monday...

Welcome to another week! This weekend was weird for me. Adam was out of town at an RC event so I was home by myself. He hardly ever goes out of town so it feels REALLY weird when he's not here! Plus my friend had to work all weekend so my plans with her got cancelled. However I made the most of it by shopping, watching Beverly Hills 90210 episodes on Amazon Prime, and cleaning like crazy.

I did have a wedding cake to deliver to a restaurant in St. Augustine on Saturday, which if you've never driven
through streets built for carriages in an SUV with tons of people walking in front of your car and a wedding cake in the back, and then had to illegally park in front of a stop sign to deliver the cake, that's lots of fun.

I do feel really accomplished though! I cleaned pretty much the entire house, including the blinds. I dusted the blinds, you guys. That's hard core. I also got all of the laundry done, finished decorating my front door for Fall (it's about time!) and got almost all of my addresses for the Christmas Party invites! Ok, I'll stop bragging on myself now and show you some pictures of my super wild and crazy weekend (which may or may not have included eating macaroni and cheese for dinner twice. I can't be bothered with cooking just for myself):

Scarves from Charming Charlie's 2 for $5 sale! 
Wedding Cake

Totally necessary Pumpkin Pie Donut, my reward for delivering the cake. 
Fall decor! 

Waiting for daddy to get home

One of our traditions this time of year

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Faves

We have arrived at yet another weekend! We have a wedding cake to deliver this weekend, and I REALLY need to clean the house, but I plan to squeeze some fun in too! Like the 2 for $5 Charming Charlie's sale...

Favorite song: 
Mariah Carey- Always Be My Baby

Sometimes you just want to listen to the classics! 

Favorite food: 
Ben and Jerry's Everything But The...

I don't know why I look kinda mad in this picture, cuz I so wasn't. How could I be, when eating a delicious tub of heaven? 

Favorite purchase: 
You guys, I was very very bad and went shopping after work last night but Old Navy is having a storewide sale and I found the cutest and most comfy shirt and pants EVAR. The pants didn't have a price on them so I took them up to the register and crossed my fingers- 47 cents! That's forty and seven cents!! And the shirt was only $14! And now I have the perfect Sunday lounging/out to lunch/out to coffee outfit! 

I love how soft and stretchy both the shirt and pants are, and I love how the shirt has the longer back to cover the bum! It's actually a miracle I didn't spend a lot more money, so I'm good with it. 

Favorite Links: 
I just found Amanda's blog and really enjoyed this post. So well written! Check it out! 

Definitely saving this list of Amanda's (another Amanda!) about must haves from Trader Joe's!  

If you've ever been on a conference call, you will appreciate this

Favorite Funnies: 

My life, every morning. 

This is so sadly accurate: 

I don't even know, it just makes me laugh: 

 Everyone get out there and have a fantabulous weekend!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Last Saturday I when I was running errands I stopped to get gas and thought I would run the car through the automatic wash. So I put my little code in and it told me to drive forward. So I did, but I still had the window rolled down and I got sprayed in the face with nasty car wash water (or whatever it was spraying). These things only happen to me.

Yesterday I sat in the car during lunch and had the auxiliary power on because I wanted to roll down the windows. I sat there for about 20 minutes and then when I went to leave and roll the windows back up, they wouldn't go. Hmm. So I tried starting the car and heard a clicking noise and it wouldn't start. Hmm. So basically I killed the battery and Adam had to come give me a jump. It worked fine after that which is great but pretty much confirms the battery is fine and it was totally my bad. 

I bought coffee three times on Saturday. Once at the coffee shop at the beach because I was chilled after sitting out there watching the sunrise, then later at Dunkin' Donuts because I had been craving their Pumpkin Spice Latte. I thought I would be done for the day after that but then after antiquing my friends wanted to stop at Starbucks. And I could have just not gotten a drink or at least gotten something non-coffee. But no. I got the iced hazelnut coffee AND a slice of pumpkin bread. So much for not buying coffee drinks to save money!

I get twitchy and really easily annoyed when my house feels cluttered and dirty. This is usually about the time I go on a cleaning spree and will stay up until 3 AM cleaning if necessary.

I have just realized that we are less than 2 weeks away from November 1st when I plan to send out the invites for our annual Christmas Party, and I only have like 5 addresses of the 20 or 30 I need. I should really probably get on that since driving to each individual person's house to hand deliver them might be more expensive than postage.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekend Recap!

So as promised, a weekend recap a day late! I had such a wonderful weekend, and clearly it went too quickly for me and I was not at all ready for Monday yesterday! I think we seriously need to consider making 3 day weekends a permanent thing. 

Friday night was Mexican with friends and we hung out at their house for a while, then we came home and watched one of our "Fall" movies, which happens to be this incredibly cheesy and kitschy Rankin/Bass classic: 

Saturday morning I had to get up super early to drive Adam over to a friend's house for a road trip they were taking, and then I took a delivery to the beach. I decided to stay and watch the sunrise, which was absolutely beautiful and I think it might need to be something I do every now and then, so quiet and relaxing!

Then I ran a few errands so I had to get some Pumpkin Spice goodness from DD: 

While I was out some friends texted and asked if I wanted to go to some antique shops with them, and I was like YES! I LOVE antiquing, even when I don't plan to buy anything it's so much fun to just look at all of the cool stuff! 

This one was like a HUGE warehouse with big, small, and everything in between. They had smaller trinket type antiques, furniture, tools, and even building materials and old 1920's era refrigerators and stoves! 

Resident antique cat. This guy was clearly in his favorite spot and didn't even open his eyes when I pet him! 

On the way to the next one we made an impromptu stop at a Farmer's Market and looked at all of the pretty pumpkins and gourds. 

The next antique shop was much smaller, more quaint and cute! But also had a lot of really neat things! I pretty much wanted everything I saw. 

Cool old children's books

Next we went to San Marco, which is an older area of town with lots of little shops, restaurants, and old theaters. The weather was GORGEOUS, so it was perfect for walking around. We found the neatest little book shop, ran into some old friends, and just had a lovely time. 

Sunday we slept late (glorious!), watched some Jags football, and Hurley and I did a little photo shoot: 

We didn't get to watch the whole game because that afternoon was the Fair! Which was a blast and I think will have to be a later post because there is already a metric buttload (you can thank Adam for that terminology, all him) of pictures in this post. 

But the Jags won!!! See, it was totally lucky and necessary for me to buy that Jags shirt last week. 
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