Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I'm taking a little break from confessions this week, so I thought I would fill you in on everything going on currently, since I know you're all dying to know...

Feeling really out of it at work today. It's rainy and gloomy outside and my allergies hate me so all I feel like doing is curling up with a good book and my puppies. They should have bring your puppy to work day. Yes, that should be a thing.

Planning to carve pumpkins and watch some of my favorite "Fall" movies with Adam on Friday night! Yes, we are wild and crazy and our Friday nights are epic. (BTW I haven't actually told him yet that we're doing this so fingers crossed!)

Thankful for the $50 Amazon gift card Adam just gave me out of the blue last night. He had redeemed some reward points he had and I knew he had plans to order some stuff for his RC projects, but I had no idea he was ordering one for me too! *Insert heart-eyes emoji here* Totes made my day! Now I will agonize over what to spend it on for at least 3 weeks.

Excited for the trip to the Corn Maze we have coming up in a few weeks! I know most people do this in October but A) I didn't plan ahead very well and B) this is Florida we're talking about so maybe by the time we go it will feel *slightly* more fall-like.

Frustrated with Swagbucks. I have been on the site for a couple of months now, and I was happily accumulating points, mostly through their surveys, and redeeming them for gift cards until the past week or so when all of a sudden I was getting disqualified for every.single.survey I tried, some even before I answered one question on them! So now all I am getting are the little everyday tasks which are worth a grand total of like 20 "bucks" a day, and maybe one or two surveys at the most. Now I realize it's free and I am grateful for whatever I get, but it's frustrating to go through most or almost all of a survey (most are mind-numbingly boring and take at least 20-30 minutes) only to be told you are DQ'd and you get nothing for your time! Grrrr. Ok, I'm done whining now.

Relieved that we don't have any cake jobs this weekend and can just relax and take it easy on Saturday and feel like I have a full weekend! (<---Yay for run-on sentences!)I just feel like when I work Friday night and most of the day on Saturday I get to Monday and I don't feel as rested, even if I get plenty of sleep.

Looking forward to lunch because I have really yummy leftovers from last night! Aren't I lucky my husband is a great cook??

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  1. I have used Swagbucks for years, but I never do the surveys. I just use them as my search engine and I'll shop through them in the percentage cash back is more than ebates would offer.

  2. I have never heard of Swagbucks but you better believe I'm going to checking them out today!! I'm glad you have a relaxing weekend ahead of you!

  3. Swagbucks always screws me on the surveys too!!! I get so tired of wasting 20 minutes of my time and getting nothing after it!!! They should disqualify you immediately or give you some bucks for trying. So lately, I have only been doing daily tasks. I wont get gift cards as often, but at least I am not wasting time.

    Yay for all the fall things! I hope to do some of that myself! And how sweet that you got an Amazon card! That would be gone in about 2 seconds for me!

  4. OMG! I totally know what you mean with the whole Swagbucks thing! SO ANNOYING!

  5. I've never heard of Swagbucks either, sounds cool. Hooray new gift card.

    Corn mazes are so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Corn MAZES!!!! We are going really soon too.
    I want to hit up a haunted house dealy too.

    And I've heard more bad things about swagbucks then good - my patience is low for those type of things.

    and 50 dollar giftcard? WOOT WOOT!

  7. I laughed out loud about your giftcard, I am the SAME way. I swear, it's extra hard for me to figure out what I want to buy when I have one!

  8. I also agonize for forever about how to spend gift cards! Try to pick out something fun :)

  9. I take FOREVER to decide what to do with a gift card and then, when I finally do buy something, I have immediate buyer's remorse. The struggle is real.

  10. I did swag bucks for a while and feel like I need to get back into it… even though you had a frustrating experience :)
    Thanks for linking up with WYWW!

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