Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Last Saturday I when I was running errands I stopped to get gas and thought I would run the car through the automatic wash. So I put my little code in and it told me to drive forward. So I did, but I still had the window rolled down and I got sprayed in the face with nasty car wash water (or whatever it was spraying). These things only happen to me.

Yesterday I sat in the car during lunch and had the auxiliary power on because I wanted to roll down the windows. I sat there for about 20 minutes and then when I went to leave and roll the windows back up, they wouldn't go. Hmm. So I tried starting the car and heard a clicking noise and it wouldn't start. Hmm. So basically I killed the battery and Adam had to come give me a jump. It worked fine after that which is great but pretty much confirms the battery is fine and it was totally my bad. 

I bought coffee three times on Saturday. Once at the coffee shop at the beach because I was chilled after sitting out there watching the sunrise, then later at Dunkin' Donuts because I had been craving their Pumpkin Spice Latte. I thought I would be done for the day after that but then after antiquing my friends wanted to stop at Starbucks. And I could have just not gotten a drink or at least gotten something non-coffee. But no. I got the iced hazelnut coffee AND a slice of pumpkin bread. So much for not buying coffee drinks to save money!

I get twitchy and really easily annoyed when my house feels cluttered and dirty. This is usually about the time I go on a cleaning spree and will stay up until 3 AM cleaning if necessary.

I have just realized that we are less than 2 weeks away from November 1st when I plan to send out the invites for our annual Christmas Party, and I only have like 5 addresses of the 20 or 30 I need. I should really probably get on that since driving to each individual person's house to hand deliver them might be more expensive than postage.

That's all I got today! Linking up!

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  1. That used to be my worst fear when owning a car and going to a car wash - thankfully my dad owned a car wash and always took my car LOL!! I'm glad to hear your battery is fine - that is never a fun thing when you car doesn't start!! Can't wait to see how everything for your party comes together!!

  2. I have been sprayed in the face by the car wash - and drained my car battery for the same reason - you are not alone.

  3. HAHAHA on the car wash! Totally #sorrynotsorry for laughing.

    I don't drink coffee but I can spend a fortune on tea, especially Starbucks tea. Yesterday my daughter told me I should drink tea I make at home because it's cheaper. Got reprimanded by my almost 8 year old. Made my day.

  4. oh no you poor thing lol. i am terrified of something like that happening to me so i stay away from car washes! thank goodness your battery was ok! ive done that before! or left the door open all night so the light was on, oops!

  5. What is up with you and car windows girl? I can not stand clutter in the house. It drives me insane! Especially when someone likes to use my kitchen counters as a catch all. just no!!!

    Procrastination level Tetris! LOL!!!!

  6. I laughed so hard at the car wash thing, but that totally sounds like something that would happen to me!!! I also sit in my car and read at lunchtime - I haven't drained my battery yet. Thanks for sharing so I know to watch for that!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  7. Girlfriend 3 coffees in one day! that is hilarious! What are you going to do for the Christmas party? That sounds fun!

    1. Haha, yes! I was outta control that day!

      We have a Christmas Party every year and invite a bunch of friends and family, I make appetizers and desserts, and we usually have our famous Chicken Chili! It's so much fun!

  8. HA! oh man the car wash that is the worst! I feel like your car battery shouldn't have died after only 20 min, that's not too long. I swear when I calculate how much money I spend on coffee I want to shoot myself. So stupid.

  9. Totally with you on the cleaning thing - I just can't concentrate on anything when my apartment is in disarray!


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