Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Confessing Time

I feel like yesterday was kind of confession-y, but there's always more to confess right?

Also I need to come up with more creative titles for these. How many different ways can one title a confession post?

1. You know those 47 cent pants I got at Old Navy last week, that are really soft and stretchy and supposed to be comfy pants? Yeah, I'm wearing them at work today with a chambray tunic, and they totally work! BEST WORK PANTS EVER.

2. I bought the skirt at Target! I went to Target after work yesterday and it had been marked down to 50%! So between the discount and the $10 gift card I had I paid $3 for it! This has been a really good shopping month.

3. Someone brought donuts to work and I politely declined, but my resolve is weakening! Must. be. strong!

4. I ran yesterday and used Map My Run for the first time in a while. I got through 2 miles and felt all proud of myself for running 2 miles without quitting (which is good for me) and then I looked at the app and my average time was about 11:00 minutes per mile. Don't most people walk a mile in that amount of time?? So sad.

5. I need to bring a covered dish and dessert to the fall festival we are going to on Friday night and I have NO idea what to bring! Must plan these things better!

6. In other procrastination news, I have yet to address my Christmas party invitations, although I did gather all of the addresses from people so that's something? I feel like as long as I get them sent out tomorrow I will be good. So we know what I'll be working on tonight!

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  1. I do the same thing with really comfortable lounge clothes. I feel like I need an intervention to actually start wearing jeans sometimes.

  2. You need to teach me your shopping ways...$3.... $.47 is that possible! LOL

  3. Oh man! Another good deal! So glad you were able to score the skirt at a bigger discount! And that Target meme is SO TRUE!!! AHHHHH! That bulls eye tricks us!

  4. Great job shopping this week!! And one donut won't kill you. It's all in moderation. ;) (Devil's advocate here)

  5. Okay that is a GREAT deal at Target, nicely done!

  6. I'm the slowest runner ever- so no worries ;) 11 minutes isn't bad- and all that matters is that you DID it! Totally jealous of your awesome shopping finds lately- go you!!

  7. Wait, 47 cent pants? And Comfy?!?! you scored on that!

  8. I am very impressed with your shopping skills girl! I don't think I've ever hit the under the dollar mark before!

  9. Way to go, lady! I can't turn down donuts, don't know how to resist!

    You keep running, no matter how slow. You'll get faster and better with practice, promise.

    I don't have a covered dish to help you with, but here's a link to some fun halloween treats I made last year.

  10. geez you are an awesome shopper, look at those deals! Good for your for running, I am not a runner but totally respect all you runners! Keep it up!

  11. that target thing is hilarious and true - and yay what a fabulous deal on the skirt! i don't think i have ever turned down donuts in my life! eep! you go girl!


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