Monday, October 20, 2014

Why Monday, Why??

You guys, I am a total fail whale today.

I had fantastic weekend, I have tons of pictures, (well maybe not tons, but a lot) and I got home late last night and was way too tired to upload all of said pictures and create a coherent blog post. And then I got up this morning and Monday happened, so I still didn't upload pictures and write a blog post. Well, other than this lame one.
So all of this to say the weekend recap will have to wait till tomorrow ('cause I won't be able to upload pics until I get home tonight), and I will link up to all of your lovely ladies then. Because this post isn't very link-worthy. Come back tomorrow and I will be much more riveting! Or at least marginally more riveting. I can guarantee I will feel much more alert and clever than I do today, because today I feel like this:
Although there is one thing I need to mention because it is monumental:
I really can't top that, so I'm done.


  1. aww bunny. i love that last gif as well. sometimes i cant be bothered posting, nothing wrong with that!

  2. Sometimes a weekend recap goes up on happens! Hope your Monday goes by quickly!

  3. I love that the Jaguars won last night - and I also love that it was breaking news in all of Jacksonville - my mom sent me a picture with channel 5 news LOL!

  4. LOL with that last gif!! good find! Pretty much every week I do my weekend recap on Tuesday, I know the feeling of not wanting to the week to start. Looking forward to your photo dump tomorrow!

  5. Mondays are terrible. Love the gif!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. Gifs for the win! I'm not yet fully coherent from the weekend either so I'm so glad we're recapping tomorrow instead, my brain can't handle taking in any information right now haha!



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