Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekend Recap!

So as promised, a weekend recap a day late! I had such a wonderful weekend, and clearly it went too quickly for me and I was not at all ready for Monday yesterday! I think we seriously need to consider making 3 day weekends a permanent thing. 

Friday night was Mexican with friends and we hung out at their house for a while, then we came home and watched one of our "Fall" movies, which happens to be this incredibly cheesy and kitschy Rankin/Bass classic: 

Saturday morning I had to get up super early to drive Adam over to a friend's house for a road trip they were taking, and then I took a delivery to the beach. I decided to stay and watch the sunrise, which was absolutely beautiful and I think it might need to be something I do every now and then, so quiet and relaxing!

Then I ran a few errands so I had to get some Pumpkin Spice goodness from DD: 

While I was out some friends texted and asked if I wanted to go to some antique shops with them, and I was like YES! I LOVE antiquing, even when I don't plan to buy anything it's so much fun to just look at all of the cool stuff! 

This one was like a HUGE warehouse with big, small, and everything in between. They had smaller trinket type antiques, furniture, tools, and even building materials and old 1920's era refrigerators and stoves! 

Resident antique cat. This guy was clearly in his favorite spot and didn't even open his eyes when I pet him! 

On the way to the next one we made an impromptu stop at a Farmer's Market and looked at all of the pretty pumpkins and gourds. 

The next antique shop was much smaller, more quaint and cute! But also had a lot of really neat things! I pretty much wanted everything I saw. 

Cool old children's books

Next we went to San Marco, which is an older area of town with lots of little shops, restaurants, and old theaters. The weather was GORGEOUS, so it was perfect for walking around. We found the neatest little book shop, ran into some old friends, and just had a lovely time. 

Sunday we slept late (glorious!), watched some Jags football, and Hurley and I did a little photo shoot: 

We didn't get to watch the whole game because that afternoon was the Fair! Which was a blast and I think will have to be a later post because there is already a metric buttload (you can thank Adam for that terminology, all him) of pictures in this post. 

But the Jags won!!! See, it was totally lucky and necessary for me to buy that Jags shirt last week. 
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Weekend Recap


  1. You are seriously making me miss Jacksonville with all these photos - especially San Marco and the Fair!!! Sounds like a great weekend!!

  2. awww what a cute kitty! i want it. i love those old books as well.

  3. Sunrise on the beach is so amazing. Such a beautiful scene!

    Love your outfit!

  4. Pumpkin puppy!!!! Too cute!

    That sunrise is absolutely beautiful! And I love antique stores too! That second one you visited looks super cute, and what a cool name! Sounds like a great weekend!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! The antiques place looks nice! I love your little doggie!!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. Wow what a week girl! I love it. Antiquing is so fun. You never know what kind of treasure you may run into. I wish I lived close enough to the beach to watch a sun rise. I bet that was incredible.

    PS: you are SO, so pretty.

    1. Yes, I love it because it's like a treasure hunt!

      OMG, thank you SO much, that's SO sweet of you! :)

      Hey, I don't know if you realize, but you're a no-reply blogger so I can't respond to your comment through email! It's easy to fix! Here's an awesome tutorial: http://www.venustrappedinmars.com/2013/06/google-ultimate-no-reply-blogger.html

  7. What a great fall weekend! Those beach pictures are beautiful!! And what kind of DD drink is that? I always just get the iced coffee but that looks delicious!


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