Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Confessions + Last Day to Enter the Giveaway!

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+ I've heard a lot of people say they threw their scale away and no longer use it because it can be a pretty poor measure of your progress, and it can make you too focused on a number that may or may not be an accurate indicator. Which I totally agree and I totally get.

BUT. (Here's my big butt, I mean the big but)

For me there is nothing that gives me a better kick in the pants when I've gotten off track than my scale. I can make all kinds of excuses for why my pants feel tighter, but when I see a certain number on that scale, I KNOW I need to cut the crap and get back to work. Maybe someday I'll get to the place where I don't need the scale for accountability, but right now I feel like I do. #ICan'tQuitYou

+ Sometimes my naturally wavy/curly hair gets on my nerves but lately I'm pretty much loving it because I wash it, throw in some gel or some sea salt spray and I'm good to go. I'm averaging straightening my hair about once a week these days. #lazy


+ This could be because I keep hitting snooze in the mornings and giving myself about 10 minutes to get ready. #sleepwins

+ Does anyone else just start randomly cackling while scrolling through Pinterest and finding stuff like the meme above and your husband just looks at you like: 

+ This week has been a little more cake business heavy and I'm finding it much harder to keep up with multiple cake jobs now that I have a separate full time job. It's pretty much wearing me out. #ICan'tHang

+ Y'all. I think the plants and stuff are seriously trying to kill me this year. My allergies are SO bad. Why does nature hate me???

You should confess with us because it's really therapeutic. 

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

Making Melissa

A Savory Feast

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  1. Ha I can definitely relate. I threw out my scale, and it definitely has made my life better. But I do miss it sometimes, mostly because I'm an emotional cutter.

  2. +1 vote for curly hair! It's been a long time since I've worn mine completely straight--my current straightener seems like it's not even powerful enough. :P

  3. Yup. I have curly hair and I definitely wake up with that kind of bed-head. Especially in the back. It was a good clue in that I spent most of the night probably sleeping on my back. But it's awful for keeping a hairstyle for more than one day.

  4. I heard that the pollen is pretty bad in Florida this year - I'm sorry girl!!! Hoping you get through that and your cake orders! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Nope - never throwing out my scale - It kicks me in the pants - and when I start to get back ON track it verifies it with a lower number. I may ignore it from time to time - but it always stays in the Bathroom.

    I laughed too hard on the #flawless under the curly hair meme - #imachild

  6. ugh google ate my comment. now I don't remember what it was. I bet it was hilarious though. obviously I can relate on the not being able to get my rear end in gear category.

  7. I agree about the scale. It keeps me on track. Everyone has their "fat" or bloated feeling days but the scale gives you an actual number to maintain (or lose/gain depending on your goals).

  8. I think the Mirabelle Collar Necklace is simply stunning!

  9. Girl, I agree on the scale. I keep myself in check with how often I step on it....which is once a week. It is either the kick in the pants I need OR OR OR this morning I got on and realized I have lost 7 pounds in the last month because I haven't stepped on it in awhile. And that....that is the motivation I need to keep working hard!!! I had to LOL at that meme!!!!

  10. I don't own a scale because I know I would check it waaaayy to often. And I wish I had some texture to my hair. If I just let it "go" or even put some mouse or styling product in it is just looks like a limp, dirty mess. I wish I had some waves or curl!

  11. I'm the same with the scale, however when it won't budge no matter what I do, I have to stop stepping on it for a little while, even if it's a week or two. you know? i like to know where i'm at and see small changes before they become big changes, but sometimes you just need a break!

  12. Seriously - allergies are so outta' whack. I feel your pain girl, I really do! And yes to cracking up at Pinterest and having Jared be like what?! And I show him and I get a half-smile because he doesn't find it funny at all lol!

  13. I've been all about waking up 20 minutes before I need to leave for work too lately. I mean, really, who actually cares what I look like? ;) Haha.

  14. I totally burst out laughing on Pinterest and my hubby gives me the strangest looks haha!

  15. You had me at Seth Cohen! And I totally agree about the scale, I don't check it all the time but it definitely keeps me in check ;-)

  16. I totally agree with that last gif.

  17. Im with you on the scale. While i admittedly have an unhealthy relationship with the scale it does give me the kick in the butt I need.


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