Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekending + A GIVEAWAY!!!

So yeah, I kind of took an unplanned little break from blogging the last part of the last week. Adam was out of town from Wednesday to Saturday and it just got really busy the last part of the week so blogging took a back seat. But I'm back today to recap the weekend fun! This weekend went way too fast but I'm comforting myself with the thought that we get next Monday off, woo hoo!

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Thursday after work since Adam was out of town I figured I was entitled to a little shopping (Girl logic) and I wanted a fun new dress and sandals for a graduation party I was going to on Saurday, so I went to Forever 21 and found the prettiest dress and sandals for such a great price!

The picture doesn't show it, but these sandals are actually a gorgeous rose gold color, LOVE. I wish I could find the dress and sandals on the website to link them but they are nowhere to be found! 

Then I came home and watched The Good Wife and enjoyed popcorn and blueberry soda, which is my new favorite thing.

On Friday night I went with a friend and her family to dinner and a movie to celebrate her sister's birthday. We had 4 Rivers BBQ for dinner and then saw Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was really good even though I haven't see the other Avenger movies and I felt a little lost at times.

I was super impressed with the theater, they recently remodeled and had these really nice, cushy seats that reclined! My BFF and I were joking about falling asleep, they were so comfy! Plus the movie started at 10:15, this old lady can't remember the last time she saw a movie in the theater that late!

I didn't get home till 1:30 and didn't get to bed till 2:30ish, and then had to get up at 6:30 the next morning so I was dragging for a while on Saturday!

Saturday morning I cleaned the house and made Chicken Chili for the graduation party. Unfortunately I don't have any pics for the grad party to share, the hostess took some though and hopefully I can steal them off of Facebook soon!

Adam got back into town Saturday afternoon and we had dinner with friends that night, it was so good to have him home!

Sunday we slept in and went to a realllllly late lunch, in which I had breakfast food because why not?

So all in all a pretty fun weekend!


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  1. Great weekend! I looooove those dress and shoes! I kind of like when Nick goes away. Give me time to watch all my "girl" shows! Thanks for linking up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Sounds like a relaxing but fun filled weekend! I'm loving your F21 finds - that dress looks great on you! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. What a cute dress and sandals! I would totally fall asleep reclined at a movie theater...I can't tell you the amount of movies I have fallen asleep in. If I had a long day, or a headache...once those lights go down, I am done for! haha

  4. Blueberry soda? Sounds interesting.

    Our movie theater is new and has crazy comfy seats and I can assure you that if I went to a late movie, my old lady ass would be asleep 5 minutes into the movie.

  5. Sounds like a super fun weekend!!! Those sandals look super cute. All the food is making me hungry. Is it too early to be thinking of lunch at 930AM? What is this blueberry soda that you speak of??? Love the Good Wife! Hope you have a great week!

  6. Love your new outfit- super cute girl! :) And aren't those pop-up popcorn bowls awesome?! We always get those too! Also, I really need to get to a nicer movie theatre that has recliners in it- lol, but a 10pm+ movie would definitely mean naptime for me! We are old farts who go to Saturday matinees hehe!

  7. Now I wouldn't mind going to the movies so much if I could sit in chairs like that! My biggest gripe (besides the ever-rising prices) is how uncomfortable I get :-P

    Have a fabulous week!

  8. Umm I really want to go to see a movie where the seats recline...pretty sure we don't have any of those here!! Looks like a great weekend. Oh and great find at forever 21!! cute!

  9. Those movie theater seats!! I need those everywhere!!! And yes to all the food!! Bacon and biscuits....yuuuuuum. Glad you had a good weekend!

  10. Love your shopping finds and yes we're entitled to shopping if the husband is gone. I love 4Rivers and so glad there's one right by my office. It's always packed tho.

  11. how cute is that dress and those sandals?! love. what a great find!

  12. My favorite piece is the Baguette + Stone Stackable Duo Rings. However, there are so many other beautiful pieces.

  13. Another Good Wife fan!! What did you think of the finale? And definitely stopping at Forever 21 this week, obsessed with those sandals! Glad you had a good weekend :)

  14. Those theatre seats look really comfy and at that hour i probably would have dosed off haha

  15. Love that dress and shoes! That barbecue you had looks delicious too. :)

  16. I absolutely love your new dress and sandals. They're both so cute! I love summer shopping. I also need to find a movie theatre stat with reclining chairs! Talk about making it an experience more worthy of leaving the house and the price tag!

  17. I love those sandals! I need to go find them :)

  18. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I absolutely love those sandals. And YUM BLUEBERRY SODA!

  19. I LOVE that dress! So cute! And our theater recently got those comfy seats too! It's hard not to fall asleep in the me sometimes haha.

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