Thursday, August 13, 2015

Random Thoughts

My favorite kind of post, the kind where I just kind of blurt out whatever comes to mind. I know it's not very "pinnable" but meh. I'm kind of over that anyway.

+ I'm getting a pedi this Saturday!! I am so excited, it's been far too long. A friend got me a gift certificate to our favorite nail salon for my birthday so I will be meeting her and another friend and we are going to thoroughly enjoy the girl time! I'm trying to decide what color to get, we're still in Summer technically (although my thoughts have turned to Fall) so I feel like maybe a coral or bright pink? Thoughts?

+ My blogiversary is less than a week away (wow) and I'm thinking of doing a little giveaway as a thank you to all of my fabulous readers! Just have to decide what I want to give away...Hmmm...

+ Yesterday Target sent me a $5 off $50 coupon and while I have NO business blowing even $45 dollars on stuff I don't need, it is majorly tempting me. Darn you Target!

+ Planning a BBQ for the end of September and I was originally thinking it would be a "End of Summer" kind of thing, now I'm torn because by then my Fall decor is usually up, which makes me want to have some fall-ish food, plus their WILL be football playing on our TV (sorry, not sorry) so maybe kind of a "Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall" thing? Am I overthinking this? I'm pretty sure I'm overthinking this.

+ The other night I was at dinner with some friends planning a reunion for our church choir from back in the day, and I mentioned something about the BBQ I'm planning. One of the ladies was like "Y'all have a lot of parties!" I was like we do? Yeah I guess we do! We've done several get-togethers in the first part of the year, mostly because we've made a point to plan them and just do it, regardless of whether everyone can come or not. In the past we've tried to choose a time that works for everyone and that NEVER happens so you just have to pick a date and go with it! It made me happy to think about because one of my goals this year was to connect with my family and friends more face-to-face, and spend quality time, not just "see" them on Facebook.

+ Wow that last one was really long-winded, sorry.

+ We had a great anniversary dinner last night but DEAR BARBARA the carbs, and between the carb hangover, staying up a little too late, and an apparently epic amount of pollen in the air today, I pretty much feel like a truck ran over me this morning.

+ Have y'all heard of Sling TV? I'm sure you have, I'm usually the last to hear about things. But anyway it's an app that allows you to get a selection of cable channels for $20/mo., and it has ESPN and ESPN2, plus you can add an extra sports package for $5, which would give us ESPNU and SEC Network. PLUS you can cancel anytime so we could just get it for football season. This is pretty much exactly what we want! I think it's going to be a much better option than a cable package that we would have to commit to for a year.

I think that's all the random-ness I have today!


Thoughts for Thursday


  1. I feel like a truck ran over me this morning too except I dont have the excuse of a hangover haha

  2. I swear to you target knows how to make me come back - each time I check out I get a $12 coupon of course I'll be back LOL! xo, Biana

  3. I love planning parties and get togethers. I don't do it too often, but when I get a house, I'm sure we'll try to have a BBQ once a month during spring and summer.

  4. Happy early blogiversary

  5. Yay for Target coupons... the struggle is real! If you get your groceries there, you'll easily be able to use that coupon ;-)

    And yay for summer pedicures! I say go for the coral - such a fun color.

  6. Target is always a suck in. I went for one swim suit top and came out with 5 things. Ooops! I don't think there's ever a thing as too many parties. And yes, I think you are over thinking the BBQ, haha, a BBQ is good on it's own, no need to label it summer or fall, or both :) enjoy you pedicure! My mom bought us some before my sister left to go back to school and it was amazing!

  7. Hooray for pedicures! I got one a couple of weeks ago and it made me feel like a new woman. It had been way too long.

    BBQ and football sounds like a good combination to me (well, sort of. I'm mostly indifferent to football). I think it's a great thing and yes, you are overthinking it but I would do the same thing so no judgement.

  8. Sling is seriously the best! we have it, KC uses it for ESPN and I use it for HGTV. haha. I love it.
    I haven't gotten a pedi in seriously.. i don't even remember. my wedding, maybe?

  9. Have a "Hello Fall" party! I am doing my fantasy football draft party on August 28th and I full plan on having my fall decor out as I am ready for football and fall!!

  10. I haven't gotten a pedi in so long, I'm jealous! My bloggiversary is coming up as well! I can't decide what to do either. Decisions, decisions.


  11. A fall party sounds so fun! I can't believe it's almost time to get all the fall weather fun stuff out and make everything smell like pumpkins! Congrats on almost bloggiversary --- so exciting, AND you're supposed to eat all the carbs on your anniversary!!

  12. Target sent me a similar coupon and I was like nooooooo stop with all your temptations!

  13. Bah target totally gets us!!! I so have nothing I need that's $45 at target right now, but I could easily blow that in a second there. A friend of mine treated me to a pedicure the other week and it was absolutely amazing.

  14. The answer to painting your nails ANY shade of pink is always: yes. HELL YES.
    You're the 2nd to last person to hear about Sling b/c this was a newsflash to me!

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