Wednesday, September 30, 2015


* I'm kind of in love with my phone

This is not my phone because my phone is my camera and how am I supposed to take a picture of my camera with my camera? Other than digging out the DSLR, which I was too lazy for last night. But mine is pretty and has an adorable clear case with white polka dots, so use your imagination. 
It's pretty and takes amazing pictures and has a HUGE screen and I love it all. #obsessed

* I gave myself the cutest manicure with the colors in this post last week and then I proceeded to ruin it by cleaning the house getting ready for the party. This is why we can't have nice things. #I'mhopeless

I don't know why this pug had a princess hat, but you have to admit it's pretty awesome.
* I identify with this article on a deeply personal level. The only thing I would add is "you have collected several articles of clothing that pass as work clothes but are basically pajamas" #maxiskirt #palazzopants

* I decided to decorate for Fall before the party after all and I think I have a slight obsession with mismatched but coordinating placemats. I can't stop. #targetFTW

* We have a vacation coming up soon and I am SO excited I can barely stand it. I feel like I've basically already checked out. It is SO very needed. #mountainshereicome

* When I'm watching a show based in the UK and they are discussing someone's weight I have to google "How many pounds is a stone." Every. time.

* I have GOT to stop spending money on clothes I don't need, but dang it Target has the most perfect flannel shirts and booties right now and I WANT. #ihaveaproblem

* I bought Pumpkin Spice M&M's yesterday. That's all, that's the whole confession. #junkfood

What's up with y'all today? Anything to confess?

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  1. So jealous you have the new iPhone - I want it so badly!!! Way to go on the decorating - all done and now you can enjoy it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Your new phone is gorgeous, lady! Exciting about your vacation, woohoooooo!

    Love that Jsimpson gif, so true!

  3. I've been trying to resist the pumpkin spice M&Ms with all my might, but it won't last long. They are calling for me.

  4. Pumpkin Spice M&M's? Wow, the pumpkins have legitimately taken over now!

  5. Too much pumpkin for me! They're everywhere. I'm the opposite of you with clothes. I need new clothes but am so not in the mood for shopping/spending my whole paycheck right now. I'm currently wearing a dress when it's in the low 70s and raining today. Oh well! P.S. I'm hosting the humpday link-ups now, so you should totally link up when you can :)

  6. I'm so jealous of your vacation! I want a vacation! Also, pumpkin spice M&Ms are the best!!! And candy corn. And snack size Snickers -- pretty much all the candy!

  7. I need to go shopping so badly because it's been years and I'm afraid that once I start, I won't be able to stop. I mean, my budget and wallet will tell me to stop but it'll be hard.

    Hooray for a new phone!

  8. Yayyy for vacation and your pretty new phone! It's sooooo hard to stay focused when you're already in vacay mode :-P

    Green Fashionista

  9. I am so jealous of your new phone!!!! Our contract is up in January and I can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy! It's just so pretty. And pumpkin spice M&Ms = dangerous!

  10. Were the pumpkin spice M&Ms good? Chris really wants to try them! Your new phone is so pretty! Hope you have an amazing time in the mountains! :)

  11. bahahaha I basically have to google how many kilos / stones are in lbs every single time.. it's so hard to change your way of thinking measuring wise when it's what you know. i prefer stones than kgs / lbs, the numbers are so low ;)

  12. Oh my gosh that article on low maintenance fashion- that's me, hahaa!

  13. The new iphone is sooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the 6 plus so I feel silly about upgrading so I will hold out. But I can be jealous of the rose gold! That shopping gif is on point! So funny because it is true!!! I have never tried the spiced pumpkin M&Ms before. Not sure that I want to. I bought some peanut butter cup candy corns this weekend and I am not a fan. Though I keep eating at them. I need to throw them out.

  14. I've started to try to plan my nails around my housework - it messes mine up every single time!!

  15. OMG I WANT THAT PHONE ahhh haha girl I feel ya just using that phone picture because no one has time to dig out a DSLR just to take a picture of a phone haha Oh man shopping is my cardio. I'm headed to Target after work today for a planner. But we all know I'll walk by the home section and just empty my bank account right then and there. Literally got a manicure last weekend and it is also ruined due to house work, wtf! haha
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  16. Enjoy your treats! Even if they don't last forever. I love the act of getting a manicure but I've totally accepted that it's going to chip before I go to bed. I thinks that's just one of the constants in life.
    And I don't know how many pounds in a stone either #sorrynotsorry

  17. i don't think I've ever NOT smudged a manicure!! haha

  18. Damn Target. They happen to the best of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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