Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Having read many blogs and enjoyed all of the "Confessions" posts each Wednesday, I figured I would jump right in with the link-up! This and Friday Favorites are probably my favorite link-ups that I've read so far, so I'll be jumping on that bandwagon on Friday too. I'm so original, right? Don't answer that.

1. I only need to lose about 5 more pounds to reach my goal weight that I set when I started my weight loss/fitness journey. But they are the hardest 5 pounds EVAR and I honestly am having a hard time finding the motivation to buckle down on my nutrition and DO IT ALREADY. I'm pretty happy with where I am and I keep finding good reasons to eat ice cream and chips. I don't anticipate this getting any better as we enter the season of Pumpkin Spice and baked goods galore.


2. I read an article this morning on how to lose the last 10 pounds and the first suggestion was to drink water only and cut out all of the coffee drinks and I was like NOPE, got anything else??


3. We have a company wide meeting tomorrow at a local hotel and I'm actually really excited about it because it means we get to leave the office for a couple of hours. Plus we get food.

4. Are we noticing a pattern here? I like food. Hence I will never be a size 2. S'okay.


5. This is more of an embarrassing moment than a confession, but whatever: I was at Ross trying on clothes on Sunday and had just slipped into this darling black Calvin Klein dress when there was suddenly a horrid ear-splittingly-loud beeping noise. Yes, I had somehow set the alarm on the dress off. I got it off as quickly as I could and put my clothes back on so I could hand it to the fitting room attendant who had come back asking for the dress so she could turn off the alarm. After that I decided I was pretty much done trying clothes on since Ross puts those alarm things on everything and I was feeling paranoid.

6. I hate vanity sizing because it makes it really difficult to figure out what size I really am now, BUT I can totally see how it works for the store/brand because I will try on a size smaller than I usually wear and when it fits I'm all like "This dress is so cute, I need dis!" Clothing companies- 1, Me- 0


7. I think I'm officially old because even on the weekends with no alarm set, I'm consistently waking up by 8:30 and then by about 10:30 pm I'm getting sleepy and thinking about heading for bed. I know 8:30 is not that early but this is weird for me because I've always been a total night owl and I LOATHE mornings. Now I still loathe mornings but I'm actually kind of starting to enjoy waking up early on the weekends because it gives me more time to enjoy my days off.


I think that's all I've got! What are your confessions?


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  1. Hi, there! I really like this idea of linking up =) I found your blog through Bella's blog, Dateless in Dallas and I love your confessions!! I could never go without coffee. Whoever tells you to cut out coffee is a negative person and I don't have time for that in my life! lol.
    Yay to making new blogging friends!

  2. Hi, thanks so much for reading and commenting! I'm a baby blogger, so new to all this so I hope I'm doing it right! Yes, I love the link ups too, so much fun to meet new people and connect! LOL, I know, right?? I could never give up coffee either!

  3. I have no idea how I slept until noon on weekends back in the day. Now I am lucky if I sleep until 9! And so with you on the clothing thing- love NY&Co because they run big!

  4. I love your blog and I think you are doing it very right =) hehe I'll be sure to link you when I do my confessions! lol

  5. Please do! Looking forward to reading yours! :)

  6. I know, same here! I used to sleep so late! What is happening to us?? ;) I love NY&Co, haven't been there in ages but I LOVE their clothes, they are perfect for work!

  7. i wake up early on the weekends as well, even without an alarm. once i slept in till 11 and i was actually kinda pissed because i felt like i wasted my day! oh i dont drink coffee anyway but i hate when they have those tips like 'drink more water' you're like, well duh. thanks for that lol

  8. I know, that's how I feel when I sleep late now too! I only have two days off and the time is precious! Mostly I use the time to watch my TV shows and clean the house (lame) but I enjoy every minute!

    Yeah, "Drink more water", SO helpful and groundbreaking, right?? ;)

  9. Yay you for almost reaching your goal weight. I still have not reached mine booo... And I would have laughed if I set off the alarm ... after the fact of course. PS thanks so much for visiting my little space and for your kind words! You don't have to lurk you can come and ay hi anytime ! I promise I'm really friendly! Oh and I'm a baby blogger too... A very little fish in this big blog pond.

  10. Hi Julia! Thank you for linkin' up with me! Your confessions had me laughing, especially the Ross incident. I can imagine how you felt because I would've felt the same. That comic strip is hilarious! I'm gonna have to share it on my Facebook page LOL.

    I love coffee too and don't blame you for not wanting to cut it out. I say just do some cardio mixed with weights and that should help you out with those last 5 lbs. Great job at hitting your goal weight!! I have yet to hit mine :P

  11. Hi! Thank you for providing the link-up! I'm so new to all this (blogging myself, I have been reading blogs for a while!) and I'm really enjoying connecting with everyone!

    Glad you enjoyed my confessions! LOL, the Ross thing was definitely a first for me, been there many times but never set an alarm off before! :o

    Yes, I could never give up coffee! It's my treat I look forward to, and gets me through some days when I am craving sweets! Thanks so much for the advice, cardio with weights sounds perfect!

  12. Haha, thanks, it's a process, that's for sure! I'm not really in a huge hurry to lose the last bit because I know it's a long term commitment and I'm building healthy habits, that's the important thing!

    You're so welcome, I am so enjoying visiting everyone's blog and connecting with everyone! Oh good, glad I'm not the only baby around here! ;)

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