Thursday, August 21, 2014


Feeling: so grateful for all of the connections and sweet comments I have had in just my first few days of blogging! I've read blogs for a long time and thought for a loooong time about starting my own. Why did I wait so long, this is great!

Checking: my site stats obsessively, and getting a little giddy every time there's a new comment or more views of my blog! I'm such a newb.


Dreaming: of the weekend because I have nothing planned and I. CAN'T. WAIT.


Drinking: Iced coffee with hazelnut syrup, YUMMM.


Stole this cup from my hubby and I'm not even sorry

Wearing: one of my favorite little sundresses because it's HOT outside so I might as well not have to wear pants.

Planning: our anniversary trip next weekend to Jekyll Island, we're staying here and I'm so excited!!!


Jekyll Island Club Hotel

Wondering: what I did to my back for it to be screaming in pain, YIKES! :(

Wanting: some new throw pillows for our couch and loveseat because our dogs love to snuggle up with ours and they are starting to look "well-loved".


Listening to: the Kari Jobe Pandora station, like ALL the time.


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