Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

Oh boy am I glad it's Friday! I feel like I really need this weekend to catch up on blogging, sleep, reading, and planning. I also really want to get our picture done for our Christmas card. This needs to happen ASAP!

Favorite song: 

Taylor Swift- Blank Space

Dang this song is catchy! I finally watched the video the other day and WOW is she crazy in this one! But the song is super fun to crank up in the car!

Favorite recipe: 

Chicken Tetrazzini

I made this last night to take to a friend this evening. I hadn't made it in so long and I had forgotten how much I love this recipe and how therapeutic it can be to cook when you have plenty of time and you are cooking something you enjoy! I will probably share the recipe next week if anyone cares to try it!

Favorite Workout: 

My friend Samm and I did T25 Speed 2.0 at Fit Club this week and it felt so good to work out really hard like that! Neither of us had done that workout in a while and with all the jumping our feet were cramping up! Plus my CALVES, OMG.

Favorite Links: 

This tutorial from Small Home Big Start on how to make dried orange slice ornaments! Aren't they gorgeous?? We have an orange tree in our backyard and I am so excited to try this! 

This recipe for cake batter confetti popcorn from Venus Trapped In Mars! OMG this looks amazing!

This post from The Daily Tay about increasing traffic to your blog! Such great tips! 

Favorite Funnies: 

It's like a little piece of my childhood dies...

This is totally something Adam would do. 

Don't forget your commas! 

Everyone have a wonderful fun-filled weekend! Link up! 



  1. Oh that comma funny...took me a second LOL!! Hope you get all your to-do's done this weekend!! Have a great Friday!!

  2. eww that comma one lol. loving blank space too! have a great weekend!

  3. Hey chick!! Thanks for sharing my recipe!!! :) :)

    And the song blank space.... yeah it has been on repeat for me since she released the album! I just can't quit!!

  4. Happy Friday! Such a great song. Yes, if you get a chance to share the recipe that dish looks tasty. Thank you for sharing the blogging tips too!

  5. OMG- that Yorkie pic is my favorite thing I've seen today!! And I'm with you on getting my holiday pics done- I'm so behind but fingers crossed for this weekend!

  6. Grammar humor is my favorite!

    I need cake batter popcorn in my life ASAP.

  7. I love blank space! It is such a catchy song!

  8. I also loved TDT's post on blog traffic! Such a great resource. And I laughed at the Yorkie picture - I can totally see my boyfriend being as "helpful" haha.

  9. We still need to get our picture taken for the Christmas cards. The clock is ticking and it's also getting dang cold outside! I haven't watched the music video for Blank Space yet, but I actually prefer it to Shake It Off. Or maybe I've just heard Shake It Off too many times!! And kids movies are a totally different experience now haha Have a great weekend!

  10. That did need a comma... YIKES!!! That dish looks soooo yummy! Hope you had a great weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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