Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Favorites: Birthday Wish List

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So I will be turning the big 3-2 on Monday, and of course I've had my eye on some goodies I would like. Because it's my birthday and I'll shop if I want to (shop if I want to). That's not how the song goes, is it? Well it should be.


Old Navy Linen Shorts in Blue Stripe

I have these linen shorts in navy blue from last year and they are summer perfection. Light and loose and a super cute fit. I want them in all the colors, but I would be happy with these totes adorbs striped ones. 

Old Navy Printed Twill Shorts in White Ikat

 I love pretty much all Old Navy shorts, they fit me really well and they always look good! I love this ikat print. 

Anne Klein Rose Gold Stud Earrings

So Adam got me these exact earrings for Christmas and I LOVE them so very much. They go with literally everything. Which means I was wearing them constantly which means I lost one. Normally I would just be like, oh well but I seriously love these enough to buy them again. Plus they're under $10! 

Maxi skirt 

My maxi skirt has seen better days, I have worn it so much that the fabric is getting that pilly look and just looking sad so I would like to get a new one so I can wear it to death too. 

State of FL Earrings

Itty bitty Florida earrings! Every Florida girl needs these, right?? 

I don't really need another purse but this one is soooo pretty. And looks like it could hold a lot. 


Wouldn't this be so cute for 4th of July on the beach?? 

Pajama Shorts

I've been wanting some cute summery pj shorts and these are perfect and have little birdies on them! 

And here's a funny, because every Friday needs a funny: 

We shall see if the birthday fairy grants my wishes! Hope you all have a lovely weekend, I'm taking my birthday off on Monday so I am looking forward to a lovely three day weekend! 

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  1. I love that maxi. I'm actually wearing chevron black and white dress as I type!

  2. How cute are those florida earrings - I love them!! i think you shop til you drop for your birthday!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Love that skirt, and the shorts! And the FL earrings. And that cute little guy reaching for the ice cream sandwich!! Do all the shopping!

  4. These shorts are too cute!

  5. Happy early birthday! Hope you have a great weekend celebrating. Loving those shorts and that maxi skirt! We say shop away :)
    Winks and Eyerolls

  6. Love the FL earrings. I have a FL necklace and pendant similar to that. That maxi skirt looks so comfy and I love the pattern. The fedora would be perfect for 4th July!

  7. Ohhhhhhh that tote is fabulous!!! I have a birthday list that is growing by the minute ;-) Thanks so much for linking up girl! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Amanda ~ Meet @ the Barre

  8. Happy Early Birthday girl and I hope you get everything on your list! xo

  9. My birthday is all the way in January but I really want that leather bag! I may piggyback off your bday :)

  10. Haha that otter picture. Story of my life! Hope you have a great birthday!

  11. Happy almost birthday gurlie! Loving your picks, especially those FL earrings <3

    Happy Friday!

  12. Happy early Birthday! A three day weekend sounds great!! That ice cream sandwich is sooo funny and sooo me, lol! I love those FL earrings, and Charming Charlies? Awesome! Hope they're sold in store too!

  13. I love state pride! I have a MN necklace, but I've never seen earrings before! I need to check if my state is available. I love (and I'm guessing you agree) that it's neat getting that kind of merchandise because our state outline is unique.

  14. Old Navy is on point right now - both of those shorts are fabulous!! And yay for birthdays, mine is on Tuesday! :) Happy Friday!

  15. Happy early Birthday!! I love the shorts you picked and that skirt! So cute!!! And that funny??? I need one too!!!!!! Have a great weekend!

  16. Happy early birthday and enjoy your long weekend!

    My parents got me earrings when I was 16 and I've worn them almost every day since. It is a miracle I haven't lost one.

  17. Happy Birthday weekend! I'm loving linen shorts right now too and those FL earrings are adorable!

  18. Those stud earrings are gorgeous! Love that maxi too! Happy birthday weekend! :)

  19. That maxi skirt is just the best!!!! Have a great birthday weekend enjoy it!!

  20. love the shorts! I may need a shopping trip ;)

  21. I love those Old Navy striped linen shorts!! I need to make a trip there!

  22. So I'm late to the Friday post, but just in time to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY...I hope it was great :)

  23. Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope you got all the items on your wish list. I totally want that purse. It's just my style. Big enough to carry everything, even the kitchen sink if necessary (I walk around with a lot of stuff)

  24. Happy birthday :)
    I love the first pair of shorts - so pretty!


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