Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Things I Used to Be Like Whaaa?? But Now I Totally Get

Hello, longest title ever! But I couldn't figure out a more succinct way to say that and now it's growing on me so it stays.

These things are completely random and have nothing to do with each other.


I think the reason hashtags used to annoy me is because I just didn't get the point. For one thing it took me a loooong time to hop on the Twitter train and I would just see people using them on Facebook and be like "What is the point of this??" Also it annoyed me when people would basically write their entire status as one long hashtag and it is SO hard to read.

Like #wenttothestoreandgotsomeapplesthey'redeliciousyayhealthyeating. Really?? Maybe cut that down to like 3 words instead of 20, mmkay? #myeyes

But now I like hashtags and use them all the time, especially since I get the purpose now and I got with the 21st century and joined the Twitter and the Insta. Plus they're fun. I still try not to abuse them though, like the example above because that's just not good for anyone. #hashtagresponsibly


I seriously could not even look at gifs for the longest time because the way they looped over and over I was sure they were going to give me a seizure. Again, I just didn't really get the point. But now I LURVE them, sometimes nothing else communicates your feelings quite like a well placed gif. 

Exercise as stress relief: 

I used to roll my eyes and think "Puh-lease!" when people would say that working out helped them get out frustrations and that when they were having a bad day or they were stressed, a good sweat session would make them feel loads better. I think that's because I used to think of working out as a "have to" and a chore instead of a "want to" and a privilege. So anytime someone would say that I pretty much went, "Yeah, uh-huh, ok, LIES."

But once I really got into nutrition and fitness and realized how much better my body feels in general when I'm working out consistently I realized how true it is. Getting out there and pounding the pavement or lifting weights for 30 minutes can really soothe the irritations of the day and make you feel so much better, sometimes to the point where I'm like, "Why was I so annoyed again?" Plus endorphins. 


I blame this one on the fact that the only guacamole I had tried was that nasty pre-made, bagged stuff they plop on top of your burrito at Taco Bell or whatever. *GAG* Then we went to Cantina Laredo a few years ago and the friends we were with ordered the table side guac. The guy brought out all of his supplies and started squashing the avocados and chopping the onions and grinding the cilantro and I was kind of mesmerized. So when they asked if I wanted to try it I thought "Eh, what the heck, I'll try a little" and from that moment on I was hooked. Heaven on a tortilla chip, I do declare. 

What's funny is my husband *HATES* guac but he makes the BEST I have ever eaten. And no, he doesn't use a recipe, he just throws it all together. He says it's because he used to have to make it for the Mexican restaurant he worked at, but really I think it's just because he's awesome at everything and it makes me sick (Just kidding I actually love that about him).


I'm kind of a Trekkie. NBD. 
Yes, smartphones. Just like most technology things, it took Adam and I a long time to get smartphones, and they only reason we got them when we did is because we got a really good deal on them and they were part of the package. We used to be all "Kids and there new-fangled phone doo-hickeys!" and shake our fists before we settled down into our rocking chairs on the front porch (Ok, that may be a slight exxageration, but not by much).

Mainly we just didn't want to pay the extra money for a data plan and a more expensive phone. I guess in the strictest sense of the word our old phones were smartphones, but they weren't internet capable. We just didn't think we would really use the internet on our phone. Hahaha. HAHAHA. AHAHAHAHAHA.

Ahem, sorry. But seriously I use the internet on my phone ALL the time now. Even aside from FB and Insta and Twitter, I'm always Googling, or Google Mapping, or Shazaming, or FB Messenging, or using my DD and Starbucks apps to pay for coffee, or Cartwheeling, etc. It's amazing how "essential" something becomes once you get used to having it. And although sometimes I still think it's wack to be this connected all the time and want to throw my phone away and move to the Bermuda Triangle, I get it now. They are just so darn convenient.

Well I suppose I could go on, but I've bored you enough. What are some things that you used to be like "meh" and now love?

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  1. Amen to the bad hashtags! I don't know why it bothers me so much but it always does.

  2. I felt the same way about guac for a long time!!
    I think it was the avocado - I thought because I hated avocado in my sushi I would hate it on my tacos - boy was I wrong!!

  3. Oh hashtags...sometimes I still struggle with them!! I'm so glad your opinion of guac changed and side note - cantina loredo is the best mexican restaurant in jax!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. YES to guac!! I love it too. I still haven't found that excercising clears my mind. I'm nowhere near consistent enough, but I really need a good stress outlet...I hope to one day be there. :)

  5. Felt the same way about hastags for the longest time. We still aren't on the twitter train. It's hard to manage so many different social media sites. Haha, the same with guac! Used to hate it now we love it :) Winks and Eyerolls

  6. The star trek meme - I just can't. I laughed so hard #kindofatrekkietoo

    And Gifs make me laugh - Sometimes I can watch one over and over and over.

    And plus ENDORPHINS. Another chuckle from my side of the screen.

  7. Totally yes to the guac!! It makes me so sad to think that I use to snub my nose to it and avacado's for the longest time!! Thanks so much for joining this giveaway with us :)

  8. It took me a really long time to get hashtags and not be annoyed by them. I freaking love guac and I really need to start making my own because the only time I have it is at restaurants. Mmmmm guac.....

  9. i could TOTALLY go for some guacamole right now.

  10. Ha this is funny! I was the same way about guac. Totally grossed me out! And now I can't get enough of it!

  11. exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy! happy people just don't shoot their husbands. they just don't. hahaha

    ALSO why do people feel the need to #hashtag #every #single #word? #thatsnothowitworks

  12. i used to despise hashtags, especially on facebook when they didn't even really work! but now they do. haha. i still have to remind myself to use them, and i am very basic, like #books. and other people have like 57 hashtags saying the same thing haha.

  13. I make guacamole at home like twice a week. I have a major obsession hahaha!

  14. I used to hate hashtags too, but I use them all the time now! I love Cantina Laredo-so goood! :)

  15. Right there with you-- hashtags never made sense to me until I started actually USING them. Now I find fun blogs, funny accounts and who knows what else! Plus people find me that way and it's just a big ole social now ;) I'm so glad you're on board with guacamole now... I could eat it daily.

  16. Oh my gosh I'm totally the same on all of these!!! Funny enough even though I have a hashtag link up, I used to not get them at all! They seemed pointless and confused me. Now I get it. Gifs too - but I think that's part of being a blogger as well. Because what makes for a funny post better than gifs? Not a lot. And oh man, guacamole. LOVE IT. Same here though I used to order Mexican food without it because I thought I didn't like it. Then "real" guacamole was introduced in my life and now I'm hooked. I challenge your hubby's guac skills because I'm pretty proud of my homemade guac.

  17. Love me some guac! And I was the same way with hashtags! I hated them!

  18. I love gifs! I love guac! I can't live without my smartphone! But........exercise. I still hate it. I wish I could like it, enjoy it, use it for stress relief.

  19. Ha ha! I love this post! I felt the same way about hashtags and gifs -- they weren't for me and they annoyed me. Now I love them! I guess once you understand the reasoning behind them they sort of grow on you. Also, yes to exercise. I love the accomplished feeling after a great workout :D

  20. Haha! I never understood hashtags at first! Same with working out as a stress reliever - but it's my favorite now - not only do I get stress out but I get so much thinking done!

  21. I might be the only blogger who doesn't add gifs to their posts. How do you find the right one?
    And if it was up to me, I'd probably still have my first iPhone, without updating the software. But no matter how I resist, I've loved every new update.

  22. Yummmmmmmmmmm to guacamole! It took my husband a long time to jump on that delicious train too. And I only joined Twitter for my blog, and I still don't use it or hashtags as much as I should but I understand why they're important now :-P

  23. Throughout that exercise tid bit, all I could think to myself was, "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! Happy people just don't shoot their husbands..they just don't!" haha excuse the Legally Blonde reference :) Loving this post!!

  24. My husband could have written this. All the same things except he still hates hashtags and guacamole. Fine by me on the guac. More for me to stuff in my face!

  25. Ohhh hashtags. I used to be so confused about them! But now I use them... short, two to three words tops!

  26. Confession: I love hashtags and gifs and used to be ashamed of that but heck #theyarecool #hashtageverything

  27. I am with you on all of those except the exercise one. Hashtags and gifs and guacamole FTW!


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