Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Recap: More Birthday Fun

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a great weekend! I had yet another wonderful one, though it was not long enough, as usual. I like to make my birthday last all month, so this weekend we did a little more birthday celebrating.

On Friday night we went out to dinner and then I came home and got to work on 2 cakes for the birthday dinner we were having the next night. I didn't NEED to make 2 cakes, but I wanted to make 2 cakes. So I did.

I baked a lemon cake and a chocolate cake. For the lemon cake I made a blueberry filling:

And the chocolate cake had peanut butter filling and chocolate buttercream. So basically a Reeses' Cup in cake form. 

Om nom nom

On Saturday morning I got up and worked on straightening the house, finishing the cakes, and went for a run, which was kind of a bad idea because it was about 100 degrees. Yikes, that was rough.

My pace kind of sucked but I'm blaming it on the heat. 

I also watched Gilmore Girls (We finally got Netflix and I am IN LOVE!) which was awesome. 

Saturday night it was time to party! We met our friends at Brio for a yummy Italian dinner and lots of fun! 

I had some fun with my new nail polish and bracelets I found at Nordstrom Rack! 

And we had to get the shot of me and Adam all dressed up and adorable: 

We had such a great time and it was so great to see everyone! 

Sunday morning we slept really late and then had brunch at a new spot. I had lemon crepes with berries and ricotta and they were SO good! 

Plus an iced latte that was awesomely strong and delicious. 

It was such a wonderful weekend, seeing our friends and spending time together! I am one blessed lady. 

How was your weekend? Did you eat all the food like I did? 

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  1. Ummm, that cake. I need now. Also, you look amazing in that dress! And I love trying out new brunch spots! Glad you had such a good weekend -- now please send me that cake. :)

  2. Oh my god. That chocolate cake. I want it now! I can't believe you just got Netflix!! Good choice for Gilmore Girls to be your first series. Looks like you had a great birthday weekend! Happy belated birthday, girlfriend!

  3. What a wonderful weekend!! I would really like a slice of cake this morning lol!! Love Brio and looks like a really fun night you had! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. You two look fabulous! I just followed ya in Bloglovin! Love following awesome new blogs! Glad you had a lovely and yummy looking weekend!!! Now here's hoping your week is amazing!! :-)

  5. Ahhh your lemon crepes with berries and ricotta look amazing!!! And lemon cake with blueberry?? Yes, please! You guys look cute at your dinner party. Sounds like a great weekend!

  6. That cake is gorgeous! I saw it on Instagram and was drooling!

  7. What a fun birthday weekend! Your lemon cake with blueberry filling looks amazing. Same goes for your dinner at Brio. Sounds like you had a great time!

  8. aww happy belated birthday! seems like you had a great time!

  9. Those cakes look DELISH! And loving your dress, looks like a fabulous b-day weekend <3

  10. Ohh goodness, BOTH of those cakes sound SO delicious!! Drooling over here! And I haven't been to Brio in forever but man I love that place!

  11. That chocolate cake looks amazing. I love anything Reese's and could probably eat that whole cake by myself!! haha
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  12. Birthday month - a girl after my own heart ;) Your two cakes sound AMAZING! Glad you had a great weekend!

  13. All your food looks so delicious!! Happy birthday month. Woo!

  14. Oh wow, those cakes look so delicious! Your meal Saturday looks SO good.

  15. Looks like a great weekend girl! That pink dress is so cute!

  16. All the food looks delicious! How is it 2015 and we haven't invented a way to press a picture on screen and have it appear for us? I'd totally do that with some of the food.

  17. Love you in that pretty pink dress! Yum, look at all those sweets and lemon crepes sound so delicious right now!

  18. Those sweets all look soooooo amazing! I can't believe you made that lemon cake, it looks like something you'd buy at a pastry shop!



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