Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Love, Hate, Tag

The fabulous Nadine over at Life by Nadine Lynn tagged me for Love, Hate, Tag so here goes! By the way you should totally check her out if you haven't already because she is the

1. Shopping- It's like my very own national pastime. The problem is the lack of limitless funds with which to shop. Retail therapy, y'all. It's a real thing. 

2. Dogs- This is all thanks to my husband. Growing up I always had cats and didn't really like dogs (I KNOW. The stupidity of youth). But Adam grew up with dogs and loved them. Then we got married and got this fella on our one year anniversary: 

And well, just look at him. How could you not fall in love with that face? It was all over after that, and we proceeded to get two more dogs: 

Dogs just get me, you know? They love unconditionally and there's nothing like pup snuggles when you're feeling down! 

3. Chocolate- Chocolate anything. Chocolate everything. I once met someone who said they didn't like chocolate. I don't get it. I mean: 

4. Coffee- Coffee anything. Coffee everything. Sound familiar? I seriously could drink coffee all day if it weren't for the caffeine jitters, and the fact that I would weigh 300 pounds because I like all the fattening coffee drinks like lattes, frappuccinos, and iced coffee with sugar and cream and all the goodness. 

5. Books- Books are my escape. They are my adventure. I love immersing myself in a good story and feeling all the feels with the characters, having my perspective on things change and expand. 

6. Blankets- I am ALWAYS cold. Like always. So I have to be curled up with a blanket as much as possible. I can't seem to get enough of them, my husband is always like STAHP buying blankets. But I can't stop (won't stop). We literally have blankets for the dogs and blankets that are just for me and the dogs are not allowed to touch. (Because they like to chew and slobber all over them, which gets them all gross and full of holes) They are special. And so am I. 

7. Baking- Baking is my other therapy (besides shopping). There's just something comforting about it, I love finding a yummy new recipe or going back to an old favorite and losing myself in the process of mixing, shaping dough, tasting, and the homey smells that come from the oven. 

8. Jane Austen- I absolutely love everything to do with Jane Austen, all of her books and the movie adaptations. I have seen at least 7-8 versions of Pride and Prejudice and several versions of her others, like Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, and Emma. I can read/watch Jane Austen over and over and never get tired of the stories. I think she was absolutely brilliant and her writing is timeless. 

9. The Blue Ridge Mountains- The mountains are a place of complete peace and relaxation to me. I have such good memories of vacations in the mountains growing up, and it continues to be my favorite place in the world. 

10. This guy- He's a keeper. 

1. This is weirdly specific, but headphones that won't stay in your ears when you run. I usually feel like I'm going to keel over for the majority of the time when I'm running, so I NEED music to help me focus. When my headphones keep falling out and breaking my focus it makes me stabby and I come really close to chucking them and my phone across the pavement. #RAGE

2. Mornings- I am NOT, nor do I think I will ever be, a morning person. I have tried, believe me. But I don't think I will ever be someone who just bounces out of bed ready to start the day. 

3. Flaky people- It irks me like non-other when people can't commit to something, or they say they'll be there and then bail at the last minute. 

4. This phenomenon:

5. All manner of creepy crawly things. Here in Florida we have the distinction of being roaches' favorite place to live, also we have palmetto bugs. They are huge and they fly. #shudder

6. People that cut you off on the road and then they get all huffy and mad at you because you didn't slam on your brakes to let them in. I mean, really? Was I supposed to read your mind? There's this thing called a turn signal, it's a marvelous invention. 

7. Bad grammar. I mean we all make the occasional mistake but some people pretty much refuse to learn the correct way. There is no excuse for using "I seen" in any sentence. Ever. 

8. Being late- It doesn't usually bother me much for other people to be late, but I hate to be late myself. If I'm not at least 5 minutes early, I'm late. Yes, I'm neurotic. 

9. Getting interrupted- I guess it goes back to feeling overlooked a lot growing up because I was so quiet and shy, but I hate when I'm trying to say something and people keep interrupting me or they start looking at something else or talking to someone else right in the middle of my sentence. I mean really? Rude! 

10. Grapefruit- It literally makes me gag (And yes, I am using literally correctly there). I even got the pink grapefruit which is supposed to be sweeter and less sour. LIES. It was foul and I could not even get it down. Never ever again. #Feelingqueasyjustthinkingaboutit

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  1. I love these and getting to know my fave bloggers better! I too cannot stand the thought of grapefruit -- any color, no, just no. And the "I seen" --- I can't freaking stand it. And YES to the headphone issues -- like I know I'm going to get all sweaty when I'm working out -- I just want a good pair of headphones to stay put! I'd gladly shell out the extra dough for them.

  2. I hate being late too and it's actually one of my pet peeves when people are late to meet me - like I'm on time, why can't you be!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. We love a lot of the same things, namely, coffee and books!

  4. All of your loves, just yes!!! Well, except Jane Austen because to be honest...I haven't read any of it. I know...I know...I need to get on that!! And I am with you on all of your hates too, except grapefruit. I just love grapefruit hehe!

  5. We're totally twinning today! Such a fun post, and I will co-sign almost all of it. How on earth did I leave out my beloved coffee?! :-P

  6. Girl the headphones......yes!!!!!! When they fall out and it breaks your music focus. That or when your ponytail gets stuck to the sweat on your back. Don't even get me started.

  7. Your dogs are adorable! I love blankets too. I even keep one in my husband's car. Haha. I really hate being late, and I totally get the headphones situation-I hate it when that happens when I work out!

  8. I hate being late, but the company I keep has kind of rubbed off on me. Now work, OMG I freak if I'm going to be late, and get all cranky, lol! All of your dogs are sooo cute, I'm definitely a dog person. Just say no to cats for me. Books all day, everyday. I need to get paid to read. I'm still working on it. Also, chocolate AND baking, they go so well together! So many great loves here!

  9. This list has convinced me that we are definitely kindred spirits. Grapefruits are usually too sour for me.
    I feel the same way about books - how is life continuing when I'm in such an emotional state about the book I've just finished? I love that picture.
    And Jane Austen... I bought the Barnes and Noble Classic version of all her books a few years ago.
    I'm on the sugar detox now but at ALL other times, chocolate is a definite YES! 😀
    This love, hate thing was a great idea for a post.

  10. Twinning on so many things!!! I especially can't stand bad grammar.

  11. Ahhh this was such a fun post! I would have to agree with most of your loves- I'll still be under a blanket when it's summer and hot out and my husband looks at me like I've grown a third eye. You get it though. And flaky people and headphones that don't stay in your ears DRIVE ME CRAZY! yes, yes, and more yes!

  12. I love these posts and I agree, I'm such a stickler for grammar. I don't understand how some people get jobs with the way they write lol

  13. This post is hilarious!!! I feel the same way after finishing a good book!

  14. Ooh just saw this - thanks for tagging me! I've been off my blog reading game - I'm sorry! I also loooove shopping. Saving for my wedding means avoiding shopping, which is basically killing me. Definitely doing this tag next week!

  15. JANE AUSTEN FOR LIFE!!! seriously though. i love this post just because of that.

  16. So many of these apply to me except baking ... Im no good at baking haha.
    Bad grammar drives me insane ......


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