Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Lovin': Still To Do

So Summer is flying by and I feel like I've barely done anything "Summery"! Here's my Summer to do list, some I've done but want to do more, others I haven't done at all:

1. Go swimming.

Yes, it is very, very sad that it's the end of July and I still haven't gone swimming this Summer. Pitiful in fact.

2. Read a book in the hammock.

I did this a couple of times in early Summer but not enough. Of course being July/August in Florida I will have to time this perfectly to be in the cooler part of the day or I will literally melt.

3. Eat ice cream/frozen custard.

Ok, I've already done this more than I should but at the same time can you ever have too much ice cream?? I say no.

4. Walk on the beach more.

We used to do this every week in the Spring and Summer and just got out of the habit.

5. Make S'mores.

I can never decide if this is more of a Summer thing or a Fall thing? But regardless I want to make them now! Even if it has to be in the microwave.

6. Ride bikes in our neighborhood.

Another thing we used to do at least once or twice a week but got out of the habit. We like to go out around dusk because it usually feels cooler and less humid outside. We can also do this well into the fall, it doesn't really get "cold" here until December.

7. Eat outside.

We do this a lot but I can never get enough! Our current favorite place to eat outside is Hurricane, they have a pretty nice patio and it's just up the road from the beach so you can walk in with sand all over your feet and not get dirty looks and you can still smell and feel the ocean breeze!

8. Buy this bathing suit.

Is this not so gorgeous?? I don't really need another swimsuit but it's purty and I want it. I'm thinking I will use it now and also in October for our trip to the mountains because we will have our own hot tub!

What's on your Summer to-do list?


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  1. All things that can still be accomplished girl!! Reading in the hammock sounds so wonderful right now! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I realized the other day that I haven't gone swimming this summer either!!! Huge goal! haha...

  3. Love the bathing suit! I've been super envious of all the cute suits out there-- meanwhile I'm over here with my post partum body just dreaming! And you can't ever have too much I've cream! Yuuuum!!

  4. So many fun things to do, lady! I'm all about the food ones, hahahahah!

  5. Girl get out there and swim as much as you can pool beach you name it! And s'mores are always a good idea ;-)

  6. I am so with you. Summer is nearly over and I have not done like anything on my bucket list. It doesnt help that we have been super busy, my Mom is sick and it has not really been too warm in NYC. Either way, lets make August count!

  7. I would pick the Firmoo DBSN62166

  8. I love eating outside, though right now...I need some shade because it is super hot yo!!! And ice cream..mmmm!!! I haven't been to the frozen yogurt place all summer but I really REALLY want to go! I love that swim suit! You don't see gray too often, and I really like it!!!

  9. that bathing suit is super cute! we never eat outside, because if it's warm enough for me, it's too hot for KC lol. but ice cream.. yum!

  10. Ohh I haven't gone swimming yet this summer either and agreed on the never having enough ice cream or smores! SO GOOD!

  11. I would love to log in some time in a hammock – just need to find one, ha! And yes to ice cream – I haven’t eaten nearly enough – which is probably a good thing :) I can’t get enough eating outside!

  12. I just learned how to make smores in the microwave and I am OBSESSED! Definitely not the same as over the fire but it definitely does the trick!

  13. Girl, get yourself in a pool this instant!!

  14. Love that bathing suit!!
    I haven't decided when smores are appropriate either... I say we make them a year round treat! :)

  15. That bathing suit is sporty cute, I love it!! I can't believe you haven't been swimming, getting the new bathin suit would totally motivate you, no? Ice cream, you can never have enough. All day, everyday. Good thing Summer here lasts a long time you have plenty of time to get all of these things in. Have a great weekend and a happy Friday!

  16. I just realized I haven't been swimming either, other than when we were on vacation in May! Yikes! Guess I don't need that bathing suit though, although I seriously LOVE IT!

  17. Fun goals for the rest of summer! They really sounds fantastic!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  18. Oh man, that quesadilla from Hurricane looks simply amazing. Making me hungry! We have a swimming pool at our apartment complex but a combination of busyness and laziness means I haven't gone swimming in over a month!


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