Wednesday, September 24, 2014


It's that time again!

Time to get some things off my chest:

1. You guys, I have done HORRIBLY this month on my fitness goals. Like, it's not even funny. I haven't been sticking to my nutrition, I've done ok with working out but definitely not been consistent, and my water drinking SUCKS. But somehow I have at least maintained my weight and even saw the scale move down a tiny bit last week. So I'm calling that a win.

2. I just started doing Swagbucks last week (I know, I'm just a little late to the party) and I think I have a problem. I'm on it constantly trying to win more bucks, more, more! But I want a $25 gift card, dang it! (It is probably a very very good thing I don't gamble)

3. We just got our dryer vent cleaned for the first time like, ever yesterday (I'm pretty sure you're supposed to get it cleaned regularly). But I'm super excited because that should mean that I won't have to run my dryer 12 times in order to get one load of clothes dry! Yay!

4. I figured out our food and incidentals budget for Disney the other day and it's a little bit obscene how much money we are going to be spending on food. Just food. And we aren't talking about eating at the really expensive places either!

5. Adam doesn't think I should bring any kind of purse or bag into Disney because it's so much easier to just carry your ID and stuff in your pockets and not have to worry about a bag on rides and such. And he's right, but dang it, I need my stuff! My purse is like my security blanket! Boys just don't understand how terrifying it is to think of having dry lips and no lip balm. NO LIP BALM, the HORROR.

6. I heard that "All About That Bass" song on Pandora the other day and it is stuck in my head. It's not my favorite song ever, but it's alright and I don't hate it. Except now I kind of do because it's playing on a loop in my head and it won't go away!

8. I put my blog URL on my Twitter bio. This is a big step for me. I'm still kind of weirded out by people I know IRL reading my blog. Maybe I'll eventually start posting links to my blog or something crazy like that. Baby steps. (Shameless plug: if you want to follow me on Twitter, I would love it and you may do so here! I would of course follow you back! Just don't laugh at my pitiful amount of followers, I just started Twitter about a month ago because I'm not as hip and cool as you are.)

I think I'm done spilling my guts! (Eeew) Link it up!

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  1. I'm like you, totally weirded out about my IRL people knowing about my blog. I don't blog under my real name, because I'm nervous about it, ha.

    You'll get back on the fitness train. Everyone has weeks like you did.

  2. I would have the same anxiety not having a purse with me - but what about all the stuff i bring and never use lol! Woo hoo for twitter - following you now!

  3. All about that Bass song ROCKS - It's addicting - totally stuck in my head.

    And - I completely need to have a bag with me when I go to an amusement park - I HAVE STUFF!

  4. I have been so bad with fitness as well, but at least you've been good with nutrition - i haven't!
    I created a blog twitter, instagram & pinterest because i don't want anyone in real life to know about my blog. i didnt have a twitter before, but now i never use my personal pinterest and rarely use personal instagram, so it's not like i change between the two.

  5. I have been killing my work outs and SUCKING at the nutrition part. Why do I want to eat all of the bad things.

    Dont even talk to me about Disney right now, I am so jealous! And I need my purse. All about the bass is always stuck in my head and I dont like it much either. Damn you catchy tunes!

    Going to go follow (Stalk) you on twitter now. K thanks bye!

  6. Found you from the What you wish link up... Love your list of confessions! We hope to go to Disney with our kids maybe a year from now and I'm already shuddering about how much we will spend on food! Anyway, as for your weight loss, I'm beginning a new link-up on Wednesdays called The Healthy Mama Link-up... If you are interested please feel free to link up any posts like this one about fitness or healthy recipes.

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