Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's Wednesday, you know what that means...

Time for confessions!

1. Do you ever have an idea for a blog post that you think is pretty original and then you see someone else post the same idea before you have a chance and get really bummed? Yeah, me neither.

2. Yesterday I didn't pack my lunch like I usually do but I planned to order a very healthy lettuce wrap. And then there was free pizza. Guess which one I picked?

3. I've been doing so well with our budget and not allowing myself to buy any clothes for a while (because let's face it, I have way too many clothes as it is) but now I really want some Fall pieces (specifically some of the ones in yesterday's post) and I am now trying to rationalize why it makes perfect sense for me to at least get the plaid shirt and that gorgeous long-sleeved blue one (I mean it's on sale for $8!!!). Resolve is weakening.

4. I've been really forgetful lately and it's so embarrassing! I'm too young for this!

5. I've decided the thing that exhausts me the most about work is not the actual work but more the having to interact with humans all day for 5 days in a row <-------Introvert right here.

6. Some friends texted yesterday asking if we wanted to meet for dinner and although we shouldn't spend the money eating out I was like "No cooking, YES."

7. Do you ever get a haircut and feel like it takes at least a week for you to get used to styling it so in the meantime you feel like what you basically have is a mullet? Yeah, me neither.

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  1. Ha! I was supposed to just have juice for dinner last night but there was a piece of pizza that my bf left for me and I couldnt' resist. Just one isnt' bad right?! I'm the opposite, I hate the work and love the social time. I just dont have enough social time...

  2. That Ninja Turtle thing is awesome! Ha!

    I always forget stuff. It drives me crazy. My mind used to be a metal trap of all the things and lately, not so much. I have to take vitamin B shots because my levels are too low, and that is one of the symptoms...memory loss.

    I have great post ideas and forget before I make a note. Duh! Come on Nadine!

  3. mmmm pizza. sobs. i miss pizza. i love that ninja turtle pic lol. i love that introvert pic too, so true!

  4. You help that economy girl...........and I'm all about pizza parties ;)!

  5. Not to make you want to buy stuff even more - but I bought the plaid shirt! As for #1 happens to me weekly!!

  6. Dude. I hate interacting with people in person, too!!!! After talking to people all day I get home and Pete was trying to converse with me... I literally just gave him one word answers - I kinda felt shitty but I NEED ALONE TIME! hahaha

  7. This post just made me literally LOL! So cute and funny!

  8. I have so much trouble remembering everything!! Free pizza FTW!!!

    It's okay to write a post if someone else has done the same topic. Just give them a link back if you liked what they had to say. You have your perspective and it'll be a totally different post.


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