Monday, September 15, 2014

It's Monday Already??

Seriously y'all, we need to talk about this whole two day weekend thing. It's just not working for me.
So my weekend pretty much consisted of football, a little shopping (in which I almost bought some stuff and then guiltily put it all back), reading (always), and a fun little craft project that took me all of an hour to do.  Those are my favorite kind of projects. The ones I can actually realistically complete so I can feel accomplished and all proud of myself.
Raspberry Iced Coffee on Friday...oh Friday, I look back at you with fond memories.

Hurley and I, ready for the Gator game. Except he's not wearing his jersey. Bad dog mommy!
My twitter feed during the game.

In TRIPLE OT, y'all. TRIPLE. As in 3 overtimes. That much stress cannot be good for me.

Hurley's weekend activities.

My fun little fall project! It was lovely to put one of my favorite shows on, set myself up at the table with some colored pencils and paper, and zone out. I was in my own little crafty world, and it was awesome. Totally necessary, and I think I need to make this a weekend thing.
Ended the weekend eating pizza and watching this, because, why not?
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  1. love your little project, so cute! the 3 overtimes were a bit ridiculous, right? thank goodness they beat UK lol

  2. Can I be Hurley for a weekend? Looks comfy!

    I watched the game Saturday night, and while I didn't really care who had me stressed to! Three overtimes? It was like it never was going to end!

    I always almost buy stuff then put it back! Sigh!

  3. Absolutely love your Gator shirt!! The game was nuts - we were all stomping and yelling so hard im shocked I have a voice today lol!

  4. Man there is some serious Gator pride here in Blogland! I was busy cheering on another orange and blue team, my Bears! Turned out a win in the second half and I was definitely too wired to go to bed after that one! Hurley is so cute too! :)

  5. Raspberry iced coffee?! I'm very intrigued by this... :) Hurley is too cute!

  6. Your pup is SO cute!! And holy crap, I only saw the score but didn't realize they went into TRIPLE OT!!

  7. Pizza and puppies... that alone makes for a good weekend!

  8. Aw adorable pup! I'm jealous of everyone who gets to root for college football. We have USC and UCLA but SoCal is so commuter that there isn't a big market for the sport. I feel like I'm getting ripped off haha!

    Thanks for linking up for MMG :)


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