Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Favorites

Well, this was an awesomely short week! I decided I'm just going to do my recap from last weekend on Monday, especially since this weekend the only thing I have planned is getting my hair cut and definitely for sure watching Florida Gators football! It's really gonna happen this week, right?? #prettypleasefloridaweather

So let's get to the favorites from this week, other than the obvious "favorite" of having Monday and Tuesday off!

Favorite song video:
Ok, so I usually do an actual song here, but I found this video of a clip from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and I couldn't resist! So much awesome!

Favorite workout:
After we got home from church last night, we wanted to put the football game on, so I decided to find an alternative to my usual DVD routine. I found this one in Fitness magazine, it looked pretty simple but it kicked my butt pretty good!

Favorite food:
This crab cake I had in St. Simon's Island over the weekend was pretty much the best.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture, but trust me, it was amazing!

Favorite Purchase:
So because of the whole budget thing I'm not really shopping right now so all of my favorite purchases are food. Yeah, typical. This gelato right here, OMG.

Favorite Funnies:


But I'm sure they're delicious...

I've never been pregnant but I can imagine this is about how it would feel...

And Tuna the Chiweenie in boots. You're welcome. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

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  1. omg the gelato looks SO good! and lol love that bra cartoon! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Stopping by from the Oh Hey Friday link up! That crab cake looks so good and so big! We love a great crab cake. Have a good weekend :)

    ~Sierra & Faith

  3. LOVE all the funnies. Esp, that bra one!! THOSE crab cakes look insane and I've seen that gelato, but never tried it. So it's awesome?! Happy Friday!!

  4. Oh my goodness - that gelato looks amazing! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I love how big that crab cake was - I mean usually they make them so small, but this one is great!!

  6. THAT VIDEO IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it!

    Mmmmmmmmmmm gelato, le yum!

  7. Love trying new workouts (perhaps followed by that Gelato ;) ) Have a great weekend :)
    xo Hannah

  8. seriously with the bras though - wtf some companies are thinking is beyond me! that crab cake looks delish! as does the gelato... yum!

  9. OMG that video is amazing!! LOL.And Talenti ice cream is straight up HEAVEN!! try the sea salt caramel I swear you will never be the same again!

  10. I have yet to give in and get the gellato for home. I have a feeling one day it will happen. And I have no control and will eat it all in like 2 days.

    Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!


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