Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday, Monday...

Happy Monday! Or something. At least this Monday doesn't feel so bad to me since this time next week I will be at Disney World! That makes a full week of work a little easier to manage.

This weekend was pretty chill. I did some baking, cleaning, and planning/budgeting for our trip. Watched some football (It's rough being a Gator and Jaguar fan right now, woof!) and read some books. Also ate my weight in carbs. That about sums it up.

Yes, those are nutella filled crescent rolls. Yum. 

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies with Maple Glaze I made for some friends. I may have eaten some too. For safety. 


Lunch on Sunday while watching the second half of the Jags game, in which they did slightly better than the first half. 

Sunday afternoon ritual- Coffee and magazines

Oh, this is excellent news. Since I sit at a desk approximately 7 hours a day. 

How was your weekend? 

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend, minus the football scores. Those crescent rolls look amazing, love me some nutella!

    WOOHOO, Disney world is so close!

  2. lol that is excellent news seeing as i sit on my butt most of the day - have to make sure i get up! yay disney world - have fun! :)

  3. I ate my weight in tater tots during the Gator game...stress eating lol!! At least it wasn't a blow out right!? Ok so the chair thing is a little scary...I think we need to get the bosu ball so we can at least get a core workout going!!

  4. I saw that fact about sitting at a desk a few weeks ago but what can I do? All my work is computer work and I am pretty sure they are not going to invest in a standing desk for me! haha!

    I was stressing during the game with that darn bet going on and ate a plate of beer cheese tater nachos by myself. Oops.

    I am so jealous of your Disney trip it isn't even funny!!!

  5. Yum!! Can I come over for nutella croissants and those delicious glazed pumpkin cookies?? I like Biana's idea of getting a bosu ball to sit on!!

  6. all this food looks so dang good! now I'm hungry!

  7. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I'd love to try nutella crescent rolls and pumpkin oatmeal cookies. Holy yum!! My boyfriend is a Gator fan as well, but he said he thought they'd loose. Bummer. Have a great week :)

  8. Just another proven fact that we shouldn't have to work so much and sit down all day! And I'm now craving sweets for some strange reason... ;)

    Thanks for linking up for MMG!

  9. Nutella stuffed crescents rolls!? Those sound delicious!.

  10. So tough being a Gators fan right now but I guess at least my NFL team is doing okay- although I don't focus as much on the Patriots! Sounds like a good weekend.

  11. Those pumpkin oatmeal cookies look amazing! And Disney World next week?! Lucky girl!

  12. EEK! Disney World next week?! I will be so envious/happy for you ;) We were there back in February and my husband is ready to book another trip like once a week haha!

  13. That news about sitting and fat cells is making me happy that I have to stand up to teach! :P My legs are pretty tired by the end of the day, though!


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