Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Confessions with a side of Hashtags

I just found out that the phrase "on fleek" originated with Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian. It all makes so much sense now. #stopmakingupwords

I just watched a video about how taking loads of selfies in fact does not lead to better self-esteem but actually makes us more self-conscious and more likely to focus on our flaws, and my thought was "Um, duh??" #icouldhavetoldyouthat

I didn't really care all that much about the Lilly Pulitzer/Target collab, just not my thing. But now that everything is gone and I'm seeing pictures of the stuff they had I'm kind of like "Awww, that's so cute, I want it! " #alwayswantwhatyoucan'thave

I just finally looked into Blogging for Books and signed up instantly because um, free books? Yes, please! But now I'm kind of nervous. I haven't really done book reviews on the blog before because I don't really know what to say about a book without giving too much away and I feel like I would just be awkward. But too late now, they're sending me a book as we speak. #stillexcitedaboutthefreebook

Do you ever have one of those days at work where you've only been there for 30 minutes and you're already thinking, "Yup, I'm going to be raiding the vending machine today." #notmyproudestmoment

I just ate my last Cadbury egg and I'm kind of sad now #chocolatestash

When Adam isn't going to be home for dinner I eat like a 5 year old. Like my options are either soup from a can or PB&J. I just really don't like to cook after working all day, especially when it's just for me. #lazy

After the BBQ party I was looking through the pics people posted on FB of me and totally agonizing over them because I HATED how I looked in pretty much all of them. Why does this always happen? Why am I the least photogenic person on the planet?? #I'msovainIproblythinkthispostisaboutme

Um, yes. Literally all the time. I hate Facebook so much. 

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  1. So I heard the phrase "on fleek" last week and I was like WTH is that - why do people keep making stuff up LOL! Or maybe I'm just not cool anymore! I totally eat like a child when I only "cook" for myself - fish sticks anyone?! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. PB&J for the win! Or Easy Mac, because, easy. This is the first time I've heard "on fleek." What does that even mean? #old. Blogging for Books is the best!

  3. I still don't know what on fleek means, and I'm trying not to let that make me feel old. You can never go wrong with PB&J. Ever.

  4. I feel the same way about the Lilly for Target line. I slept late and went at like 11 am. I managed to get some stuff for my daughter but now that I see everyone rocking the clothes I wish I had gotten there earlier and made more of an effort.

  5. I am feeling the same way about the LP for Target thing. At first I was completely oblivious and wondering why in the world my feed was blowing up about it, then I read about it and was like DON'T CARE, and now I'm kind of bummed I missed out on some of the cute stuff. Dang you target - you always get me! Also, LOVE the witch/selfie cartoon! So funny!

  6. I LOL'd at the smartphone on a stick meme. That is hilarious!!! And I signed up for Blogging for Books last week and got my book on Monday. This is going to be a beautiful thing.

  7. I have no clue what "on the fleek" means. Probably because of who it came from. Love the selfie cartoon, and I sometimes eat popcorn for dinner if hubby isn't around. Oh well.

  8. Never heard that phrase :\ #idontgetoutmuch Totally signing up for that Blog for Books thing if I can find a book I want to review. The one thing I've been craving on this challenge is a PB&J. I like cereal for dinner when nobody else is home.

  9. I guess living alone all these years forces me to cook for myself and enjoy it. And now, I do.
    I heard the word recently and just figured it was some trend that would get to me when it got to me, although now that you mention it, I kinda want to know what it means.

  10. sometimes i eat like a five year old and then get so mad at myself. but like.. peanut butter and pickle sandwiches for dinner? yes please.

  11. If you're making PB&Js, or even heating up soup, you're putting forth an excellent effort. On my lazy nights I'll only go for things I can eat directly out of the container. You know, I was okay with that part of my life until I wrote it down. Not my proudest moment.

  12. ON FLEEK IS THE WORST WORD PHRASE THING EVER. Ugh. I want to ask every teenager around me that uses it "Do you realize how dumb that makes you sound?" What does fleek even mean? At least on point made sense.

  13. i legit have no idea what on fleek even means.

  14. Nothing wrong with eating like a 5 year old. At all.

  15. I signed up for blogging for books also. How is it going for you? What are you reading first?
    I am reading Arianna Huffington's Thrive. I post a lot of reviews but I'm a little nervous about this one. It feels like a bigger deal than when I do it just for fun 😳

    1. Oh yay! So far so good, I am reading one called When Grace Sings, it's a Christian Fiction one. I agree, definitely a bigger deal!

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