Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Favorites

Three day weekend in the house!

(OMG you guys I just found this and I am in love. Dancing gif's for dayyyyzz. This is GOLD.)

I am so beyond thrilled to have this day off, it is much needed and not just because I have eleventy things to do to get ready for having people over to our house tomorrow. Not because the house is all that bad or anything, just because I'm a freak and feel that everything must be perfectly perfect and clean in order to have a party (clearly we don't have parties very often). 

I'm also hoping to get a little reading and coffee time in today in the midst of the cleaning and baking and such. 

Ok, enough blah blah, here's the good stuff: 

Favorite Song: 

Ooo this is a tough one this week because I had a few favorite jams but I'm going to go with Incubus- 11am: 

I know it's old but if you've never heard this album, seriously, go listen to it. All of it. You're welcome. 

Favorite Video: 
 This is MY LIFE in a short video: 

The Perks of Being Quiet: 

Favorite Recipe:

This is the recipe I referenced in this post. It's SO good. I actually didn't even do it as a crockpot recipe because even though it was on my meal plan for Saturday night, I totally spaced on it being a crockpot recipe until about an hour before dinner time. Oops. So I just sliced the chicken into chunks and cooked it in a skillet with the onions and jalapeno, then dumped everything in a pot and let it simmer for about an hour. Still delicious! Oh and we left out the bell peppers because bell peppers are foul. 

Favorite Purchase: 

Ok, so I actually bought this last week before I started back on my meal plan, so I haven't had it since then but I will be eating some this weekend. All I have to say is nom nom nom. Get you some. 

Favorite Funnies: 

Me when I'm working out:

The most accurate description of allergies ever: 

Looks about right:

When I'm not on a meal plan: 

Have a wonderful weekend, dolls! 


  1. Happy Friday! Incubus is great! Enjoy your day off and happy hosting tomorrow :)
    Winks and Eyerolls

  2. unchaperoned child at a birthday party -- accurate seeings on how I had oreos + a pop tart for dinner..

  3. chicken tortilla soup- WITH ben and jerry's after? = perfection! def. trying this soup soon! thanks for sharing!

  4. That soup looks delicious!! I hope you have a great party this weekend!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Hooray for your day off! I hope your party goes off without a hitch!

  6. Incubus!!! My favorite Incubus song is I Miss You. Love love love it!!! And that ascent into adulthood basically sums it up. And OMG the unchaperoned kid at a party?!?! YES!!!! I hope that your party goes fabulously this weekend!

  7. That Ben & Jerry's sounds DIVINE! Hope you enjoyed your day off!!!

  8. Everything about your post has me crack up! And now I need to raid my freezer for ice cream :) Blessing to you this weekend!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! :) Thanks so much for reading! Hey you're a no reply blogger so I can't respond to you through email! Here's an easy fix!

  9. unchaperoned child at a party is my kind of diet! haha that allergy strip is hilarious. Oh man did I used to jam out to Incubus!! talk about throwback. have a good weekend!

  10. Morning View is one of my all time favorite albums. So ace. I don't even know if I can choose a favorite. Can't wait to try out this recipe! Thanks for sharing it.

  11. Three day weekends are the best! That enchilada soup looks delicious and we are so into ice cream right now too!

  12. That ben and jerry flavor is my favorite! Now I'm craving it again!!

  13. Hahaha the thing about the allergies though - so true! And I NEED THAT ICE CREAM. Looks amazing!!


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