Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites

Three cheers for Friday! 

This week has been kind of crappy so I'm not sorry to see it go! I am looking forward to FINALLY finishing my gallery wall this weekend (like I don't have a choice because we have a party at our house next Saturday) and working on a few other decor things. I've done really well with my exercise and nutrition so I'm really going to try to stay on track this weekend, it's definitely the most challenging time for me to do it! 

Favorite Video:

Teens React to 90's Music: Do They Know It?

If you are a 90's kid you have to watch this. It's simultaneously hilarious and depressing. "They're really old, like 20 or 25!" ::headdesk::

Favorite Song: 

Josh Turner- Why Don't We Just Dance

So apparently I am way behind and this came out in 2009 but I just heard it for the first time on the radio a few weeks ago and I have been loving it this week especially! I LOVE Josh Turner's voice and it's such a cute song! Plus who hasn't felt like this at some point: "Let's just shut out the world cause it sucks and be in our own little happy place."

Favorite Recipe:

Doesn't this look AMAZING? I need to make it, stat! I love that it uses healthy ingredients, and it sounds like it would be so refreshing for summer! It would fairly easily fit into my eating plan too! 

Favorite Links:

I loved this post by Becca of Becoming Adorrable- Your Husband Can Be Your Best Friend, Too- So over all these people saying I can't call Adam my best friend! 

I had so much fun reading this post about childhood books from Kay over at The Kay Times! All the feels! If you need me this weekend I'll just be over on Amazon re-buying the BSC and Sweet Valley High books. 

Favorite Funnies: 
This is why I don't cook: 

It's serious business: 

These autocorrect fails never get old. Birdseed! 

Is there such a thing? 

Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies! 


  1. That bark looks delicious!! And yay to Jay and Silent Bob gifs!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Oh the avocado funny is well - hilarious!!! The autocorrect, they make me laugh so hard!! Can't wait to see how your gallery wall looks! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. you always have the most hilarious memes/cards. happy weeekend!!!!

  4. Avocados are the best fat ever! I pretty much want to eat them on everything...

  5. That frozen yogurt bark looks delicious! Can't stop laughing at the autocorrect! Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  6. How dare those kids make fun of Ace of Base!

    Happy Friday :-D

  7. That bark does look tasty.

    Ugh, I hate cooking.

  8. That bark looks pretty tasty!!! And someone said 20 or 25 was old?!?!? That is baby age to me. Sigh.

    LOL at the avocado!! Have a great weekend!

  9. That yoghurt bark looks like it came straight out of my dreams.
    This is my first time on my computer in many days. I've been posting and commenting with my phone but somehow your blog and a couple others (maybe blogspot), i haven't been able to post comments on with my phone.
    I hit publish, it brings me back to a preview screen, i preview then hit publish again and it just goes into a loop.
    Tough times!
    Anyway, welcome back from your blog-break. Have a great wknd.

  10. It was a rough afternoon here- pretty excited to relax this summer! Hope it is a good one for you!

  11. oh my gosh I used to LOVE LOVE that Josh Turner song.. his voice is so freaking smooth!

  12. I need me some bark! That looks so yummy! I also love the avocado running away lol. Love me some avocado :)

  13. I read this entire post had a bunch of comments then I got to the autocorrect fail and about died laughing!!! haha

  14. I have been wanting to do a gallery wall over my couch for a while. I can't wait to see yours! Also, that yogurt bark looks delicious!

  15. A few years back I went to Nashville to visit a friend who worked on Josh Turner's social media so we got to be on stage at the Grand Ole Opry during his performance AND meet him backstage. It.Was.Amazing.

  16. LOL at the avocado! I LOVE that Josh Turner song! I didn't know I could have a crush on someone's voice until I heard him. That song is so cute and always puts me in a good mood!

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