Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Jamberry Experience

* I received these products as complimentary for testing and review purposes, but all opinions are my own. 

I love the way my nails look with a manicure! So polished (haha, no pun intended) and professional, I feel like it makes my whole look feel more pulled together.

However I pretty much never keep my nails painted because:

A: I'm not very good at painting them, so they look pretty rough and

B: They get smudged or chipped approximately 2.5 seconds after I'm done and they just look worse and worse over the next couple of days until I'm forced to remove it.

When I get them professionally done they obviously look much better and last a little longer, but I'm so hard on my nails that they still chip within a day or two, sometimes sooner. So, gigantic waste of money unless I'm doing them specifically for a special occasion.

So I was really excited when Amanda reached out to me to ask if  would like to try Jamberry! Of  course I said yes! Amanda is an independent consultant with Jamberry, and she suggested their new wrap, Country Club. Well. I'm one to go with the expert recommendation, and when I saw the pictures of it I loved it, so Country Club it is! 


So she sent this wonderful kit with everything I would need for my Jamberry manicure:

Cuticle Oil
Mini Heater
Application Kit with file, buffer, scissors, orange sticks, rubber cuticle pusher, alcohol prep wipes, and nail clippers.

I was nervous about getting started because I had never done any kind of wrap on my nails and I was afraid I would apply them wrong. So I pulled up the Jamberry how-to video on YouTube. 

They made it look so simple and laid it out in an easy step-by-step tutorial. I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually really easy to apply, and they turned out looking so good!  

One tip I have is to make sure you press the wrap down really well on your nail, and that there is no part of the wrap that is peeling up when you are finished. There were a couple of spots that I missed or didn't push down as well, and they are the only parts that are starting to peel up. 

It's been about a week since I applied these and so far I am highly impressed! This is after doing a thorough cleaning of the house last Friday and Saturday, and I was not wearing gloves or anything to protect my nails. I was actually kind of intentionally not careful, if that makes sense. I wanted to see how well they would hold up. 


With a regular manicure a week in, if I still had the polish on it all, it would be majorly chipped and rough looking. I am SUPER hard on my nails y'all. There are just a few spots where the wrap is pulling up or chipping, but it's such an improvement over a traditional manicure! 

Thanks SO much to Amanda for the opportunity to try these wraps! I'm super excited to try more colors now! 

Check out the Jamberry collection on Amanda's site:

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  1. I've yet to try Jamberry nails but now I want to! Anything that doesn't chip after a couple of days - sign me up!

  2. I love the design you used and I'm with you - the way they held up is beyond impressive!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. I love that manicure! I've been on the fence about trying them, because it just looks so hard, but I think you have me convinced to give it a shot!

  4. Your nails look so cute!!! I am bad about keeping my finger nails painted. I dont mind painting them, I just hate waiting for them to dry, you know?

  5. I've been wanting to try these so bad! They look awesome!

  6. I have been wanting to try these...yours look great! Now I am not TOO scared!!

  7. seriously, i can't paint my own nails and even when i get them professionally done, they never last! i really want to try jamberry but i'm not big on prints at all. great review girly!

  8. I love that your nails match your mug in the first picture! Jamberry nails are so much fun!!!

  9. those actually look really great! I'm so bad at painting my nails too, I feel like I can never get them perfect. I think i'll need to look into trying jamberry!

  10. They are fantastic! So many of my friends are selling them so I keep getting more lol

  11. Cute!

    I can't put stuff on my nails. I just feel the urge to pick it off. I wish I could have nice nails.

  12. I love the pattern you chose, so chic! The first picture is really awesome :)

  13. I've been wanting to try this forever! I'm actually currently typing with chipped nails and could totally just this right now. I love the pattern you picked-so chic.

  14. I've heard about Jamberry, but never had much interest in them because nails just aren't my thing. But your post makes it look easy and the finished result looks salon quality (and lasts which is a MUST for me.) I'm still not going to run out quite yet, but I am more curious and will be looking into them!

  15. Wow I'm impressed with the week after picture!! I have yet to jump on the jamberry bandwagon but you may have just convinced me

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