Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Positively Positive

Amanda came up with this great idea for a positivity project, and I was so excited to join in! 

Meet @ the Barre

1. Tell me something that you love about yourself
I love that I am a very thoughtful and considerate person. I am very detail-oriented and very sensitive to the feelings of others. I also love that I look like a good mix of my mom and my dad. Especially since they are gone now, I love that I can look at pictures of them and myself and see my dad's nose and my mom's eyes.

2.  Tell me what you want to work on
I really want to work on my discipline and consistency. I can be really hard core about something for a while and do great, but after a while life gets in the way and I start coming up with every excuse in the book for why I can't keep it up. Or I get frustrated when I don't see results right away and give up. I want to be a person that, though I may not be consistent 100% of the time, I'm always able to get back on track pretty quickly because I don't let life get me down.

3.  Give someone a compliment and mean it
I really admire Amber of Mr. Thomas and Me. Her writing is simply stunning, and she has such a hard road to walk with her dad's illness, but she has such a strong, genuine faith.

4.  Tell me something that you are proud of, succeeded in or are just generally pumped about.
I'm really proud of myself for losing 20 pounds earlier this year. It was really hard at times, and it definitely didn't happen overnight! Although I'd like to lose a little more and tone up some more, I'm pretty happy with where I am! I've tried many times over the last few years to lose the weight, but this time I stuck to it and reached my goal! 

Thanks so much to Amanda for this great post idea! You can grab the button above from this post on her blog if you would like to do your own positivity post!


  1. You look fabulous, lady! Losing weight is no joke, way to keep after it!

  2. Such a great post and congratulations on such a great accomplishment of losing those 20 pounds!! You look fantastic!!

  3. Congrats on losing weight! It is a hard thing to do and 20 pounds is a big accomplishment!

    I need to work on discipline and consistency, too. Like you, I'm really good for awhile and then I fall apart. Then I get sad and the cycle begins. It's something I'm actively working on and hopefully getting better!

  4. I love these posts! We can all use a little more positivity!

  5. I love these posts! It is good to see positive thoughts :)

    Congrats on loosing 20 lbs!!! I am really trying to do the same but it is so hard. What worked best for you?

  6. congrats on losing 20lbs girl! thats amazing. i definitely need to work on consistency as well. good luck :)

  7. Thanks for all the positivity! We need more of that these days :)

  8. I love this idea! Congrats on losing the weight, that takes some serious commitment! You go, girl!


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