Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekend Recap: The one with all the Christmas and the baking

Happy Monday all! I am SO excited to get one and a half days off this week! Counting down to Wednesday at noon! 

Before I get into my weekend I must say Happiest of Birthdays to my sweet guy, Adam! He means the world to me, and he really is the best guy a girl could ask for! Love you sweetie!!

This weekend was fun and relaxing, and probably felt the most "Christmasy" to me so far this season.  We went to the Nutcracker, I finished up my shopping for Adam and some friends, drank waaay to much peppermint coffee, did some baking for the neighbors and my coworkers, went to the Christmas service at church, and made up for all the Christmas movies I hadn't watched yet.

Friday night was the Nutcracker with my best friend and her family. It was downtown, which is always loads of fun to navigate with all of those awesome one way streets and all. The ballet was beautiful and it was so neat to watch it because I used to dance as a kid, it brought back so many memories! It made me want to take a class again. But me in those tights and leotards now is a scary thought...

Me and Adam with my BFF's parents, we've known each other forever so they're like family! 
My BFF, her husband, and daughter (don't mind his wide open eyes, the flash was really bright!)

Saturday I spent most of the day finishing up the shopping for Adam. (I am so excited to give him his presents!) Then I went home and started some baking:

It was also an awesome mail day in which I received Christmas cards from the card swap I participated in, (more on that tomorrow) and my Influenster Frosty VoxBox (more on that later)!

Sunday I slept in for the first time in weeks, it was fabulous! We had a relaxing day at home and I finished up my baking (Ok, more like mixing, heating and microwaving, although you do bake the pretzels):

P.S. For the Buckeyes the only thing I do different than that recipe is that I add paraffin wax to the chocolate so it hardens to a shell and you don't have to keep them refrigerated. 

Sunday evening was church, such an awesome message and service! We normally go to church on Thursday nights, (our church has multiple services but they are the same message so you can go to the one that works best for you) but weren't able to go Thursday. I really enjoyed this service, it's much smaller than Thursday night's which I really enjoyed.

The only downside to this weekend is that I have done something to my back and it hates me, so it's been so painful all weekend and every time I climb out of bed or get up from the couch I groan like a 90 year old woman, which let me tell you, is SUPER attractive. I think I'm going to have to find time somewhere to get to the chiropractor, because it is NOT getting better. I'm getting old people!

Well, that was wordy! Thanks for reading all of that babbling! How was your weekend?

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  1. Goodness you were busy in the kitchen this weekend!! I have NEVER seen the Nutcracker, but everyone seems to love it. Maybe I'll need to put on the to-do list for next year! Glad you had such a good Christmas-y weekend!

  2. I had so many friends that went to see the nutcracker this weekend and most of them were in Jacksonville too!!! Happy birthday to your sweet hubby!! Hope you guys enjoy celebrating!! Happy Monday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Happy Birthday, Adam!!!

    I don't think I have seen the Nutcracker since I was little. I don't really remember much for it, I think it was a field trip for school. I would like to do that again!

    I hope your back feels better!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to Adam!

    Sleeping in is always a good thing specially since you seem to have been quite the busy bee in the kitchen haha. Great weekend :)

  5. I saw The Nutcracker this weekend's my favorite! Sounds like a fun filled busy weekend. Can't wait to see everyone's cards on the swap tomorrow!

  6. Love the Nutcracker! I used to dance too and whenever I go to a show I get that itch again! Merry Christmas!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  7. still love the nutcracker! you had such an aswesome weekend, so i can't wait to see what your christmas was like!


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