Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Recap: Party Time!

So we haven't done this Christmas Party in a couple of years and I had forgotten how much work it is! It's always a blast but I'm glad we only do it once a year because OMG I am tired! I feel so behind  because I had NO time to read blogs on Friday and I have a backlog of comments to respond to. I will be working on that today, sorry for my slowness!

As I said I took Friday off and I am SO glad I did because as it is we were up until 2:30 AM Friday night working on stuff for the party. I can't imagine how late we would have been up if I hadn't been able to work on things during the day.

I spent most of Friday shopping for all of the food and grabbing a few last minute things for decor, as well as cleaning. I also stopped by Ross and found some new skinny jeans which I adore! They are so comfy and cute!

Adam worked on the lights on the house, and here is my sad attempt to get a picture of them, it is so hard to get a good picture of Christmas lights! 

Friday evening after running around to like 5 stores trying to get everything I needed, we had dinner with some friends and then came home and started on the food for the party. I made the Peppermint Chocolate Cheesecake, which is a tradition that I make every year.

Saturday I slept in a little after very carefully calculating how much time I thought I would need to get everything done. I just knew if I tried to go through the whole day and evening on 4 hours of sleep I was going to be a very unhappy camper. I felt much better after getting a decent amount of rest and did the rest of the cleaning, finishing touches of decorating, and finished making the food. 

A little of the decor

Finally everything was ready and people started to arrive! We ate tons of food and talked and saw people we hadn't seen in ages, such a lovely time! 

I got these super cute towels and stuff as hostess gifts. 

My BFF and I stayed up late talking and eating cheesecake which was fabulous! After she left it was time for bed but it took me a while to get to sleep, I was just so keyed up from the party! 

Sunday was a really lazy day, we went to Chili's for lunch and shopped a little, then came home and watched Christmas movies and ate leftovers. 

Lights on palm trees in Neptune Beach :: Leftover Christmas Crunch Popcorn
Chips and Salsa  ::  Chicken Pasta 

It was wonderful, and now I need another weekend to recover from my weekend. 

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  1. I love parties like that but you're right so glad they only happen once a year, lol. Looks like a great turn out and lots of food is always a must at successful parties! I love the grey over red outfit!!

  2. Oh my goodness that cheesecake looks amazing! I love the winter themed bike towel you got as a gift-super cute!
    Have a fabulous week!

  3. Absolutely wonderful party girl!! Great job on hosting and sounds like it was a success!!

  4. Would you like to share your recipe for peppermint chocolate cheesecake??!! ;) YUM!!

  5. your hostess gifts are so cute! i am the same with parties, we had a halloween party and i'm like ok i can't do that again for a year at least.

  6. Awww looks like it was a great party - always nice to have a get together! Love the decorations! :) Sim @ x
    Hopping over from A Cute Lifestyle bloghop

  7. Peppermint chocolate cheesecake?!?!?? Say whaaaa?

    Looks like you guys had a fun party and your gifts are super cute!

  8. This sounds like such a fun weekend! Looks like your party turned out great! Thanks for stopping by and linking up today.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. Sounds like you guys hosted a great party! I agree, it's so hard to get a decent picture of Christmas lights, but I'm sure they looked awesome in person!


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