Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Favs + Valentine's Goodies Swap!

Holla back if you're glad it's Friday! Woop woop!

Just picture me doing this dance and if you weren't smiling already, you will be.

OH! Before you do another thing, go wish Amanda a happy wedding day!!! Go on, I'll wait. 


I'm so excited for her and I know she will be the most gorgeous bride! Congrats and best wishes Amanda! 

This week was...long. Really really long. But here are the things that made me smile:

Favorite song: 

Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud

I've been jammin' to this Ed Sheeran song this week, I LOVE it! Such a sweet song, and I could listen to his voice all day, erry day. 

Favorite new food: 

OMG you guys. This new Ben and Jerry's flavor, dough (Get it?? Dough?? Hahaha, I slay me).

Shut. Up. 

Oh Ben and Jerry, how I love you. But why do you do this to me?? Do you want me to be fat?? Also, Jimmy Fallon you are killing it right now. Killing. it. I haven't tried this flavor yet but it is on the list! 

Favorite workout: 

I would follow that up with my favorite workout. But as I like to say, no pain, no cake (or other delicious dessert of any kind)! 

21 Day Fix Extreme: Plyo Fix, you guys. Straight up ridiculous, in a good way. But I may or may not feel like I'm going to die multiple times during this workout. The only thing that makes me feel better 'bout it is that the extremely ripped and fit people on the video are also sweating buckets and having to stop and breathe every now and then so they don't pass out. I thought the regular 21 Day Fix workouts were intense. HAHAHA, yeah no.

Favorite Posts: 

This post by Kristen of See You In A Porridge- Where I thought I'd be by now- I think this is something we can all identify with am I right? 

This one about Athleisure Wear by B Loved Boston inspired me to try those joggers again! Are they not so cute when they're styled right? And who would say no to looking super cute and stylish in what is basically sweatpants?? 

Emelia of Dream Big & Buy The Shoes- I LOVE what she says in this post called You Are Beautiful/Love More. Judge Less. Just read it. 

Favorite Mail: 

Ok, I actually got this last week but it totally counts- I participated in a Valentine's Goodies Swap hosted by Bella of Bella and the City and Carly of Musings of a Wanderer

I was matched up with Lauren of Genuinely Lauren and I was so happy to meet her and discover her blog! Getting a package in the mail is always fun and even more so when it's a package of surprises! I was SO excited when I opened the box to see this: 

Is this not the cutest mug ever?? I'm such a coffee mug addict, and this is a perfect addition to my collection! Plus the coffee she sent is SO good, no joke Hazelnut is my favorite flavored coffee. And I LOVE the washi tape, can you believe I have never had washi tape before?? Serious blogger fail right? But now I do have some and I can't wait to use it! 

Thank you so much Lauren, I love it all and I am so excited to continue to read your blog and get to know you better! 

Even though this post is already way too long, I gotta include some Favorite Funnies: 

Well that's all I've got today lovelies! Have a truly fabulous weekend, whether you're schedule is full or you're basically binge-watching TV and eating pizza all weekend, make it a great one! 

Kristie's Blue Jeans


  1. Haha, that chapter funny is so true and why I haven't had much sleep this week! I need to find that ice cream, stat! I love that the fit people are also having to take a break, lol. That mug is so cute and such a fun surprise to receive. Have a great weekend!!

  2. Stopping by from the link-up. I was not aware of the new B&J's new flavor...but I am now! I love the Grease spin on lie.

  3. I just posted about that ice cream on another blog! I so wish I could try it, my allergy to peanuts is telling me no...but everything else is telling me yes!

  4. I'm so glad you could join us Julia! Looks like you got some pretty awesome goodies! I love that washi tape! Bella gave me some and I have never had it either! Blogger fail times two ;)

  5. I love the Ed Sheeran song and the video is so cute. I haven't tried that ice cream flavor yet. Might need to go to the store and get some. Cute presents!!!

  6. You got so many goodies in the v-day swap - love it!! Did you see the skit they had with Jimmy Fallon actually feeding the people the new flavor - it was hilarious!! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  7. Oh girl! I am o b s e s s e d with the Ed Sheeran song I may..or may not blast it while driving down the road and singing at the top of my lungs haha. And, I have not yet tried the 'Tonight Dough' but I will be on the hunt for it this weekend! Have a great weekend!

  8. THE TONIGHT DOUGH!!! Omg that sounds freaking delicious and the name slays me!! I love your vday swap goodies :-D

  9. oh my god. I literally laughed out loud at "that new flavor, dough" + "I've got bills, they're multiplying" I can't deal. hahaha happy friday!!

  10. Bahaaha, that top dance funny!

  11. Pahahaha the multiplying bills one is so me right now. Um, would somebody care to explain how I owe $2000 on my taxes?! lame!

  12. I'm obsessed with Thinking Out Loud too...can't stop listening to it! I laughed at that book meme because I am exactly that way...stayed up till 4 a.m. twice last weekend because of a good book. :(

  13. I'm so happy that you love everything! That coffee really was a magical little find and skillfully set up next to the adorable coffee mugs lol

  14. Yay! Cookie dough is my favorite ice cream flavor! I love that Ed Sheeran song as well! One of the group fitness classes I go to uses it as the cool-down song! :]

    That mug is the cutest thing ever! <3

    Thanks for joining in on our #WithLoveFridays linkup! :D

  15. Ok, I'm officially making it my mission to track down that ice cream - cookie dough is my favorite so this sounds insanely delicious!

  16. I love this post! I need to try that Dough flavor, omg.. cookie dough is my fave! Ed Sheeran is amazing and I love that song too!

    I want that mug!! I'm glad you enjoyed the swap and your goodies look so cute. Glad that you are introduced now to washi tape err are the owner of washi tape, haha.

    Have a great weekend Julia! <3

  17. I so want to try the new Ben and Jerrys ice cream. It sounds so good. So glad you linked up with us!

  18. It seems like everyone had a long week! Wonder what was going on. I hope your weekend was great!

  19. Gotta love that Eddie Murphy dance, and that ice cream. Yes please.

  20. That ice cream looks delish! I loved Kristen's post as well. Good choice! Hope you had a great weekend!

  21. I'm so behind on my reading. Girlllll you just made me tear up. Thank you for sharing my post. THat means the world to me. I love your GIF, and OMG that ice cream ;) XOXOXO, all the LOVE!

  22. I'm sooo behind on my reading and desperately trying to somewhat catch up. Loved this post! The liquid eyeliner thing made me laugh out loud - I can't tell you how many times I have completely FAILED at it. I also loooove "Thinking Out Loud." My friend recently got engaged and this was the song he had an a capella group sing to her when he was down on one knee. ADORBS.


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