Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Faves

Well lovelies we have come to the end of another week AND the end of another month, can you believe it?? Let's dance 'cause it's FRIDAY!!!

I like to think this guy's name is Steve the Stormtrooper and he's psyched because it's 5:00 PM on Friday and it was a really long week of stormtrooping with Lord Vader. 

I have a lot of really thrilling plans for this weekend, like laying on the couch watching X-Files (Yes, X-Files) with Adam and my puppies and planning out my gallery wall project. Don't be jealous of my exciting life.

Favorite song: 

Who I Am (Rosemary's Granddaughter)- Jessica Andrews

This is why I love Pandora. A song like this that you haven't heard in forever will come on and you'll be like "OMG good times, this my jam!" Ok, maybe this particular song isn't a great example of one that would ever be anyone's "jam" but you get the idea. Isn't this just the sweetest, cutest song though?

Favorite new product: 

Suja Juice

I got a chance to try this new juice for free from BzzAgent and review it and I am seriously loving it! They sent me coupons so that I could pick out whatever flavors I wanted, so I hopped on over to Target and chose Mango Magic and Berry Goodness. They were both delicious! I love that they are 100% all natural, organic, and GMO free! And they are 100% pure cold pressed juice, none of those nasty added sugars or other flavoring.

The Mango Magic was my favorite! Really smooth and a great flavor! The Berry Goodness was great too, a little more pulpy texture though.

Favorite food: 

Chicken salad with spinach

I made this for lunch this week and it's one of my favorite lunches because it's so easy and fits so well in my eating plan! It's just spinach topped with chicken salad made with greek yogurt, grapes and pecans! SO good and filling!

Favorite video: 

You guys. This story. It is straight up ridiculous but 100% true (It does have quite a bit of language just FYI but most of it is bleeped out). It's basically Charlie Murphy talking about one time when he and Eddie and some other people went to hang out at Prince's house (it's on the Dave Chappelle show so he and Dave Chappelle are acting it out) and I just. No words. Just watch it.

Favorite Funnies:


Yeah, I don't know how this happened:

It's a serious sense of betrayal though:
Have a wonderful weekend ladies! 

And don't forget!

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  1. Ahhhh that skit!!! One of my faves!! And that chicken salad looks so yummy!! I've been wanting to try those juices and since I trust your judgment, I'm totally getting some at Target today. :) Have a good weekend!

  2. That song!!! My grandmother's name is Rose so I always said that was my song!! I'm definitely interested in trying the Mango you said was your fav, not a fan of pulp in ANYTHING. OMG yes, the username + password. just tell me which one I messed up! Happy Friday girl!!

  3. I am definitely making that chicken salad with spinach next week for lunch!! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. So true about the username and password!! I can never get it right! So ready for 5pm and the weekend! Happy Friday!

  5. Oh my goodness, I haven heard that song by Jessica Andrews in forever! Gotta love Pandora :)

  6. I love mango flavored stuff, that sounds delicious!!! What is the ratio of chicken and yogurt and stuff in your chicken salad...that sounds delicious! And I haven't heard that song in forever!!!

    I need to get on my gallery wall as well. Such a slacker....have a great weekend!

  7. that salad looks DELICIOUS! happy weekend!!

  8. I love that song by Jessica Andrews!! Such a great throwback!

  9. I have been dying to try the Suja juices! I didn't know which flavors to try but I will definitely pick up the mango one this weekend!

  10. I have thought Sarah Evens sang that song all this time! Itr's been like a decade lol. Oops!

    I am so feeling like I'm trapped in the movie Office Space. I just want to throw a printer!!

  11. Love the office space meme!!! I feel ya! That salad. Have you shared the recipe?

  12. It's truly heartbreaking when a great book has a terrible end. The kind of feeling where you wish you had superhuman strength so you could rip through the hardcover and shred the book and flush it down the toilet. I've read a couple books like that. Leaving Time was a little like that for me. If you haven't already, read my post here I truly disliked the way it ended.

  13. Okay, best gif ever. You win Friday.

  14. I love chicken salad. Especially when it has grapes in it. YUM

  15. That chicken salad looks amazing! I've never tried it with grapes before, so can't wait to try this out. Hope you have a great weekend!! xoxo

  16. That salad looks to die for! Love chicken salad. I am totally going to be that stormtrooper once 5pm hits, that for sure! Happy Weekend!

  17. I'm excited to see how your gallery wall turns out! :)

  18. I love all those funnies!

    That chicken salad needs to get in my belly. I smell a weekend recipe for myself.

  19. First of all, have I been here since you get your new design?? I can't remember but I'm OBSESSED. It looks elegant and fun and fantastic. I also love that song by Jessica Andrews! My fiance and I were talking about it just the other day. Every time I have a life crisis of "Who am I???" I seriously hear that song in my head - totally makes me feel better! lol

  20. I've never heard of Suja juice, but those flavors sound amazing! <3

    Chicken salad is my favorite! I never thought of adding spinach, but that's definitely gonna be an addition from now on!

    I am so with you on the username/password thing! (Perfect meme for it. ._.) And the book endings! :'(

  21. I love Suja juice. If I ever see it on sale I have to get it. So glad you linked up with us for With Love Fridays!

  22. That chicken salad looks sooooooo good! Spinach is my fave and thats just perfect for my current eating habits!

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