Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Story of Us: Part 3

Are y'all tired of hearing this story yet? I can sure drag a story out, can't I? If you missed parts 1 and 2, check them out here and here.

So where was I? Oh yes, he started hanging out with our group more. One thing I was really impressed with was that he was great with my friends. We were obviously getting to know each other but in group settings he would never just single me out and talk only to me, he would talk to everyone and he fit right in effortlessly. And they loved him.

You know the part in "Failure to Launch" when Sarah Jessica Parker's character is talking to her roommate (Zooey Deschanel) about how important it is to get "the nod" from the friends, and then they look over at the friends and they are smiling and nodding? Adam totally got "the nod" from my friends.

So in the midst of all this I was preparing for my Senior Recital, which was a requirement of my major in order to graduate. I had to sing several classical arias and other songs, some in different languages, at a performance in which I would be graded. It was basically the culmination of my college career, NBD.

IDK what the heck was going on with my hair in this picture. Tulsa wind is crazy y'all. 
My dad came into town for the recital and he got to meet Adam (although he was just meeting him as one of my friends at this point). When the time came for the recital I really wasn't sure if Adam would come to the recital or not, I mean it's really not an exciting event unless your into Italian and German arias from the Baroque period.

But he came, and funnily enough, his presence there actually kind of calmed me rather than making me that much more nervous. He brought me a beautiful single red rose. Afterwards we (me, my dad, Adam and the rest of the gang) all went to dinner and had a wonderful time.

Not the greatest picture, but Adam is there! He was sitting by my dad. 
So a few days later, I am chatting with Adam online (remember Yahoo messenger?? Those were the days). We were just casually chatting and he mentioned he had something he needed to do later that evening. I was like, "Oh? What's that?" And he said he couldn't say. So I teasingly said "Hey no secrets!" He laughed and said he would tell me after my evening class. So I'm starting to get a little suspicious at this point. I asked if he would tell me later on IM? And he said "No, this is better on the phone, trust me."

::Insert wide-eyed emoji here::

So I'm mildly freaking out and thinking this class is going to feel interminable. I get to class and find out it was cancelled! Sweet! So I called him right away and he was like "Hello??" in this slightly incredulous voice. He wasn't expecting me to call for another hour and a half. I was like "Hey, my class was cancelled. So what's the secret?"

"Well....I'd like to take you out on a date sometime."

At this point I remember feeling kind of hot and cold and warm all at the same time, and I think I sounded something like Porky Pig "Abedee abedee abedee..." And then...I totally chickened out you guys. I told him I thought we should just be friends for now. Why? Because, true to form, I was WAY overthinking it and analyzing the crap out of it and putting way more emphasis on a simple date than I should have.

What followed was the one of the most emotional, wonderful, whirlwind weeks of my life up to that point. But we'll get to that next week.

Spoiler alert: we get together in the end. 
I SWEAR I'm almost done though. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, I didn't know you could sing, that's amazing! I had friends in college that sang and since I played in the orchestra up until college I loved going to recitals because I recognized the music.

    We all chicken out sometimes because of over thinking. Glad for the spoiler alert ;)!

  2. I love that you said spoiler -we got together in the end!!! I had no idea that you sang, especially arias!! So cool! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. That's a beautiful story. I like the spoiler alert

  4. OH MY GOD this is adorable. I might have teared up a little at him asking you out....

  5. I love how you write!! I actually feel myself getting nervous for you!!! Plus, it's always awesome when they fit in with your friends!!!

  6. I didn't know that you sang?!?! Now we have to wait more?!?! Stop messing with my emotions! haha!

  7. this is the cutest....YAHOO IM... YES!

    thanks for linking up!!!!

  8. Haha ::spoiler alert:: you guys are too precious!

  9. Such a sweet story!!!! Love reading this!

  10. So sweet! I love how forward he was with his emotions - I really admire men like that. I also can't blame you for friend-zoning him right away - when you haven't had much dating experience sometimes you panic! It happens! Dying to read part 4. DYING.

  11. awwwww you guys are so adorable! i totally went 'oh no! why?!' when you said just be friends but then the spoiler alert calmed me down ;)

  12. Aww this is cute!! You and these spoilers!!

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