Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I always try to think of something clever to call my confession posts so they aren't all titled "Confessions" but I fail. Oh well.

+ I think I have resting sad face. This guy at work keeps asking me if I'm okay because he says every time he walks by my desk I look so sad. I'm not sad. But maybe my concentrating or contemplating face looks sad? I don't know, am I supposed to be smiling or laughing like a maniac all the time??

Apparently this is my resting face.
+ You guys. Y'all. Where has my motivation gone for getting in shape?? WHERE? It's just....gone. Non-existent. I was really hoping once I got past the holidays I would be ready to fully commit to this thing again and stay on my eating plan and exercise hard core. I've been doing great with exercise, and with eating I do decent during the week but then I hit Friday and my self-control is just nil. It's like woo-hoo it's Friday bring on the fried food and the sugar and the carbs! I think it has something to do with the fact that I've only got about 5 more pounds to lose and I want to tone up, but the drive that I had when I had 25 pounds to lose is not there. It's like ahh, 5 pounds, I can lose that anytime! Know what I mean?

+ Of course it doesn't help when I hear a Dunkin' Donuts commercial on Pandora for a new White Chocolate Raspberry Latte AND with any purchase this week you get a free drink coupon when you purchase with the app. I hear that and I'm making plans for my next DD run. I'm so weak-minded.

Whatever you say, coffee...
+ I get irrationally angry at the Pinterest app on my phone because no matter what I do or how many times I check it, that stupid little notification number WILL NOT go away! It's like, I've checked it, what else is there to look at?? It makes me feel like I'm missing something really important somehow, like Carrie Underwood sent me a message about one of my pins or she wants to guest post on my blog but I'm somehow missing it and I'll NEVER KNOW. Because that's so likely.

+ I really need to cut my hair and I should probably cut it short-ish like I had before because that's what seems to look best on me, but I don't want to because I'm lazy and I like being able to throw it up in a headband and ponytail and call it a day. Plus there are few things more annoying when you're working out than little pieces of unruly hair that won't stay up falling in your face. The only thing more annoying than that is when my earbuds keep falling out of my ears when I'm running. It makes me want to chuck my iPod across the pavement. I'm not generally a violent person but that's just one of those things.

+ Weird quirk: I am a total water snob. I cannot drink water that has a taste to it, like chlorine or sulfur. *GAG* I'd rather just be thirsty. Which is why when the water cooler at work needs the filter changed and I can taste the chlorine really strong I just don't drink water. Of course the tap water in Jax always has a weird taste to it because of all the sulfur we have here.Yummy. A filtered water dispenser on our fridge is pretty much a necessity. I am fully aware of how spoiled I sound right now. At least I'm self-aware??

+ I won a giveaway from Dream Big and Buy The Shoes the other day (Thanks Emelia!) and I am SO excited! I know people always say this, but I literally never win these kinds of things, so I was all giddy!

Ok, link up and 'fess up!

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  1. You are so funny!! I think you need to set your phone on a timer at your desk and take pictures to share and we can let you know if you have a sad face at work...but it is work!!! Hopefully see you this weekend!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Haha I hope you connect with Carrie Underwood soon - it would be sad to miss out on that :)

  3. Love catching up with your posts! And that Pinterest thing drives me crazy as well! And I MISS Dunkin donuts...

  4. I would guess a resting sad face is better than a resting bitch face maybe? I dont know. I wonder what mine is? My guess it bitch face since I was called "unapproachable" by some guy friends back in college.

    I hate notifications on my phone!! I must clear them all! And I have zero motivation to be good anymore. I feel all my good efforts that I make are going without results and it is really hard to keep going right now. I am like one more fat day getting dressed of having a serious breakdown or something.

  5. These are great!!!! At least it's resting sad face not mad face!

    I need a hair cut tooooooooooo!

  6. Love your confessions! I'm the exact same way with hair falling in my face when working out! At any given time during a workout, there's like 6 bobby pins, a ponytail holder and a headband! I'm so with you on that!

  7. i'm so glad i live in a place that has great tap water - i have been to other places and i can barely shower, let alone drink it and then i get super dehydrated and don't drink any water haha.
    i definitely have resting bitch face.. no-one has ever told me i look sad but they do often say 'cheer up' like for real, should i just smile at my computer all day?!
    when my phone used to do that with the notifications, i would just uninstall the app and reinstall it haha. it worked for a little while.

  8. My daughter has the same issue with water. I used to get on her case about it, but I keep hearing from more and more people that they have the same issue. Maybe I will just give her a break about it now.

  9. That Pinterest notification thing drives me crazy too! Ahh!!

  10. I drink water nonstop so I'm glad our tap water always tastes good (for the most part!)... I can barely go 2 hours without drinking water lol! My hair is in the weird in-between stage. Not short, not long and super annoying!

  11. I totally agree! Sometimes it's harder to come up with a title for the blog post than the write-up itself.
    I love the taste of pure water too but I'll drink it anyway. What I don't like is the bottled fake flavored water. Give me plain water or something sweet but the in-between is often hard to swallow.

  12. I love your little rants! Cause they are so me lol. I am doing so bad at the losing weight thing. I thought the same thing about after the holidays.. Nope. Still not losing anything. I need to cut out everything I love which saddens me:(


  13. I have lost motivation this week as far as working out. I've still done it, but it has been rough talking myself into it every day. I guess it's the January blues?

    1. It must be! Last year when I really started my program it was actually in February, maybe that's a better time to start??

  14. OMG yes so with you on the weird water taste thing! My parents think I'm crazy because I prefer their tap water because their fridge/filtered water tastes like plastic! haha

  15. I have resting sad bitch face. I think it's probably a good thing I mostly stay home. People get concerned.

    The earbuds thing is so annoying!!! I mean, I don't run but sometimes I put them in and they just...fall out. Pain in the ass.

    It took me months to get back into being healthy. I have way more than 5 pounds to lose but now that I have motivation again, maybe some of it will start to come off rather than just me willing it off.

  16. woopwoop congrats on your win! I'd love to win one someday. I'm with you on the water taste, I can't stand when water has a strange taste. the water at my office sucks and it is killing my water intake!

  17. Don't feel bad, I have resting bitch face. I will happily trade with you. :)

  18. Is it weird that I am confessing that so many of your confessions I have?! Total water snob...can't stand Pinterest fake notifications...and I cut my hair and am now in that weird awkward stage and it's driving me INSANE! I am SO glad you were our winner! XO!

  19. naming confessions and friday posts are always a fail for me! haha I have a resting bitch face haha so funny!

  20. Those little sprigs of hair when you're workin out are the WORST!!
    I have free Starbucks drinks since its my birthday and I'm torn between all the calories and trying to be good and not eat all.the.things and to keep going to the gym. Uggghh.


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