Monday, January 19, 2015

My Favorite Custom Cakes

Happy Monday everyone! My weekend was wonderful, I got so much done around the house and surprised Adam with his favorite coffee cake, plus got a lot of resting done, planned my meals for the week and went grocery shopping, and even got to the library to pick up some books for the week.

I didn't get any pics to share however, and I don't think a detailed description of my vacuuming and dusting would be that entertaining, so I thought instead I would do something a little different today. A few of you have shown some interest in my former life as a cake decorator, so I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite cakes that Adam and I did for our customers:

This one was for a baby shower with a jungle theme, I had waaay too much fun creating that little lion! Everything is edible, the lion is made of gum paste and royal icing. 

This one was a groom's cake for an Alf fan. If you don't know who Alf is, I don't want to know because it just makes me feel old. 

This one was another baby shower, obviously a western theme. I LOVE baby shower cakes, they are just so much fun and always have a cool theme that's easy to get creative with. Once again, everything is edible. It's iced in buttercream with piped buttercream paisley pattern, the boots and hat are made of gum paste,  and the rope is made of fondant. 

We did this one for a local school fundraiser, they were doing a fall "cake walk" type event, so we thought it would be fun to do a Jack O'Lantern! 

This was another groom's cake, the groom is a hunter. And yes, it was red velvet inside. I know. 

This was a first birthday and we had SO much fun with this one! The hat and candle is gum paste, all of the other decorations are fondant. 

This was for a styled wedding shoot. A styled shoot is where many different wedding vendors get together and create a mock wedding with a certain theme, it's meant to showcase a certain theme or style. This one is covered in fondant and the decorations are meant to mimic tissue paper poms and are made of gum paste. 

This was a birthday cake, at the height of the chevron craze. I still kind of love chevron, even if some say it's tired and overdone. 

Another groom's cake, this one we modeled after the groom's electric bass. 

This was also for the local school's fundraiser, they always have it in the fall so we did another fall theme. The "barrel" is a cake covered in fondant made to look like slats of wood, and the leaves, owl, etc. are gum paste and fondant. 

Finally this is a wedding cake with the fondant ruffle effect. I love how the bride chose the ombré look, one of my favorite looks on a cake. 

There are TONS more in our archives, but these are just some of my favorites that we have done over the years. Thanks so much for looking! Even though we don't do it much anymore, I still have a passion for it and get a lot of joy from designing and decorating. I hope to pick it back up again someday, even if just for fun. 

If you have any questions about these designs or just cakes in general, I am happy to answer! 

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  1. These cakes are amazing!! They seriously look too good to eat!

  2. Wow. You have an amazing talent!! These cakes are awesome!!!!!!!

    Thanks for link up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. Your cakes are absolutely amazing and beautiful!!! I wish I had 1/2 of this talent!

  4. Wow!!! This is so awesome! You are so talented! These look amazing! Love the ALF!

  5. You are seriously so talented!! I love that last cake - it's amazing! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. Amazing cakes! So talented! The wedding cakes are perfect, well they are all perfect actually. If we tried this it would come out looking like horrible pinterest fails. Winks and Eyerolls

  7. Noooo way! ALF?!?! I LOVE IT! The owl one is my favorite...absolutely beautiful work girl! You are quite talented!

  8. You guys are so incredibly talented! You make cake decorating look effortless and perfect. Of course I know who Alf is, but man it's been forever! I love that ruffle ombre wedding cake, and the red velvet in the deer, lol!

  9. Holy crap, you are talented!!! Also, YOU MADE AN ALF CAKE AND IT IS THE GREATEST CAKE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!

  10. omg im so impressed!! i love love the lion and crab cakes! so cute. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  11. These are incredible! I love the adorable owl cake, and can't get over the attention to detail with the Alf cake!!

  12. OMG those are fantastic! LOL love the Alf one!


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