Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy 2015!

Happy New Year to all! So I was going to do a resolutions post yesterday, and then that didn't happen and I was going to do it today, and then it still didn't happen, so it will probably be Tuesday now (because Mondays are for weekend recapping, duh). Does anyone else feel like the whole "It's a new year, start everything fresh" thing shouldn't start until January 5th this year? I mean, yeah yesterday was the start of the new year, but it's the weekend now! And even though I'm at work I still feel like I'm on a break from everything until Monday.

So let's see, 5 things for Friday... (Why yes, I am writing this right before I hit publish, how did you know?)

1. I am definitely moving forward with changing my blog design! Super excited to get something a little more fun and personalized. I'm not sure exactly when it will all be ready and go live, but one day you will come to this space and it will look all different and pretty, so yay!

2. We only got to watch one football game yesterday, because network contracts are lame and they had the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl on ESPN, which we don't get since we don't have cable. Plus the Gator game is on ESPN tomorrow too. If I can just get through the next few days without signing a 2 year cable contract just to watch football I will be golden, because college football season is literally the ONLY time I miss having cable.

3. We're going to St. Augustine tonight, I'm so excited! We're going for dinner with friends and afterwards we'll probably just walk around and enjoy the sights. It should be less crazy than I'm sure it was on NYE. Growing up in Jacksonville I've only been to St. Augustine approximately a million times in my life, but I still enjoy it. It's just such a neat place and it's like a little mini getaway.

4. It's January 2nd and I can still fit in my skinny jeans! I count that a success after a holiday season of being surrounded by food galore. Not to say I didn't indulge (Because, oh, I did), but I was able to keep it under control enough to not gain too much and now I am ready to start fresh with healthy eating and exercise and reach my next fitness goal!

5. I signed up for Birchbox last week and my first box should be getting here soon! I'm ridiculously excited about it, something about the mystery of not knowing what I'm going to get but knowing it will be beauty and skincare goodies makes it so exciting! I figure for $10 a month it's a great, cheap little splurge that will be so much fun to get every month!

Well, that's about it for today, sorry this post is sort of thrown together. Next week I will be all prepared and eloquent and awesome. Or something. Cheers to the New Year and cheers to the weekend!


  1. I am totally starting the new year on the 5th because you cant possibly start something before a weekend, duh!!!

    I am working on a new design for my blog too. I have had my current once since Oct of 2013!! The menu bar got messed up and I figure time to change the whole thing!

    Have a great time in St Augustine!!! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Lol, i'm with you! I'm starting Monday!!

  3. I agree. You can't start a new year two days before a weekend! We don't have cable either, so I understand your pain. I think I asked my hubby for cable at least five times yesterday! Have a good time in St. Augustine (jealous!)!

  4. congrats on your skinny jeans lol.. i was not so lucky :-| which is why my stuff started yesterday lol. hopefully i survive the weekend..

  5. Yeah for St. Augustine so pretty!!!! Also big congrats for the skinny jeans!!! I put on mine today and I was carbs for you Amanda for the next 6 weeks hahahahaha

  6. Hooray for skinny jeans and a new blog design! Who's doing your design? :) I hope you enjoy Birchbox..I had it for about 6 months then kept getting repeat stuff, but this was a few years ago so maybe things have improved. I also love the ipsy bags! Have a great weekend!

  7. Way to go on keeping your fitness goals over the holidays!! And who's doing your blog design?? Thinking about tweaking mine in the coming months. Have a great weekend, and can't wait to see more of your posts in 2015!


  8. I was going to start the New Year Friday and realized we still had a lot of food that needed to be eaten before it went to waste so tomorrow is when I'll be starting with the other 75% of people, lol. Even though I live in FL, I've never been to St. Augustine. Had a friend that went to school there and my parents have been there but I've never made the trip. That's great you still fit into your skinny jeans. The scale has gone down since right after Christmas, but I haven't tried on any of my skinnier jeans, lol. Hope you had a great weekend!

  9. Im changing my blog design too and i cannot wait! Heres to a great 2015


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