Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Recap

So I did pretty much nothing this weekend but it still felt like it flew by. Why can't time go that fast during the week and slow down on the weekends?

Seriously though, thanks to allergies I spent most of Saturday feeling like crap and getting very little accomplished. Sunday was slightly more productive, I got the house cleaned (ish) and did laundry. This was also my first weekend back on the 21 Day Fix eating plan so that was an exercise in fortitude. (But I did pretty well, yay me!)

Today completes a week of exercising every day, which I hadn't done in a looong time, so I'm pretty happy with my consistency so far.

I also got some work done on sending info to Sarah for installing my new design template! That's why I was randomly posting those "Contact Me" and "Favorite Reads" posts, in case you wondered. Trying to get the blog ready!

I got my first Birchbox:

I signed up at the end of December, so this one was actually for December and I'm supposed to be getting the January one in the next week or so. I hope to do a post on what I got soon! 

Sunday I met one of our former brides to give her the complimentary anniversary cake we do for all of our couples. 

And I got to play with the metallic sharpies I got for my new wall calendar. 

And then I did a little shopping and found a jewelry holder at Kohl's on clearance! I had been looking for one like this to put my most often used jewelry to make it easier to find and grab in the mornings. 

And it actually perfectly matches our bedspread! 

Adam made the BEST chicken for dinner: 

I ended the evening with Downton Abbey, Yoga, and reading. Not a bad weekend, all in all! 

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  1. I'll be interested to read what you think about Birchbox. I wasn't a huge fan when I was subscribed. Your Sunday night sounds ideal!

  2. Look at you working out every day during a week!! That's impressive. I think I was in college the last time that happened! Love that jewelry holder!! So cute! Hope you have a good week!

    1. Thanks! I'm really trying to stay motivated!

      I was so excited to find that jewelry holder, I had been wandering around Kohl's trying to find something to use my $5 reward on and then I found it! :)

      Hey I don't know if you know but you are a no-reply blogger, so I can't email you a response when you comment. :( Here's a quick easy fix for it if you're on blogger: :)

  3. Sounds like a pretty great weekend aside from the allergies!! I love your new jewelry holder and I can't wait to see what you got in the birch boxes!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. I hope you are feeling better! I hate wasting weekend days on feeling like crap save it for the work week LOL! I saw that necklace holder at Kohls right after Christmas! I wonder if mine still has any left since its on clearance now?!

    Cant wait to see your birchbox. Hope you have a great week!

  5. you poor thing, hope you are feeling better!
    i want a complimentary anniversary cake! thats awesome!
    that chicken looks pretty delish! i was going to do something similar for KC and he said he had chicken in the freezer- he didnt! he was so mad lol and i was like womp womp guess someone is gonna be a vegetarian today ;) he had fish instead.

  6. let us know how you like birchbox?! I have been back and forth with whether or not to try!!

  7. I love that dinner picture and you said your hubby was the chef? Double score!

    1. Yes! He's awesome! :)

      Hey I don't know if you know but you are a no-reply blogger, so I can't email you a response when you comment. :(
      Here's a quick easy fix for it if you're on blogger: :)

  8. Your jewelry organizer is really cute! I'm going to get something like that when we are actually going to stay in one place for a long time again. :) And dinner looks delicious!

  9. Where do you watch downton abbey because I'm trying to find a free site but I can't and I left off in the middle of season 3. Good for you for working out every day!

  10. The chicken looks lovely! Are you feeling better now? I hope you are :)

  11. I have a jewelry organizer like that and love it! My allergies have been out of control lately too...what gives!? OOOH, hope you loved your Birchbox and have a great week!

  12. Ohh i've been debating if I should get a birch box! looks awesome!! I love the metallic sharpies!

  13. I'm curious to see what came in your Birch Box! I tried it once a long time ago and then ended up canceling. I now do Ipsy, but it's either hit or miss.

  14. Love your jewelry holder! Great find!


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