Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Do you ever type "Pinterest" and see the little red squiggly line come up under it and stare at it for a few minutes thinking, "I know I spelled that right, what's wrong with it??" only to realize that no, Pinterest is not a real word so spell check is not going to recognize it. Shouldn't spell check recognize it as a proper noun though?? #Getwiththetimesspellcheck

I keep putting my bread in the toaster at work without checking the settings and having it pop out like 5 seconds later having been barely toasted, and that's when I realize someone has left the setting on "1". Who is the person who keeps doing this?? And why don't they believe in really toasting your bread? Do they actually like slightly warm, slightly crunchy, but still really blonde bread? Or are they just in that much of a hurry?

I always kind of forget I have shins until I go running, and then for the next two or three days I'm like, "Oh hi shins. There you are." #ouch

I feel like I'm at a point in my fitness goals where the desire to be a certain size is competing, and mostly losing, to my desire to eat all of the things. Since I don't have much left to lose to be at my goal weight, it's always like "Psshhhh, I can lose that next month. Pass the cheese fries, please!" I guess I'm trying to figure out what a realistic weight is for me, you know? And by realistic I mean one that I can maintain while exercising a realistic amount and eating mostly healthy with some ice cream and cheeseburgers mixed in, because really what's the point if you can't eat ice cream and cheeseburgers?

Then I remember that I will probably be wearing a swimsuit in a couple of months or less, and I go hmmm, maybe not on the pint of Ben and Jerry's.

Speaking of Ben and Jerry's, why did Jimmy Fallon do this to me?? He announces his new ice cream flavor and I get all excited and then I go to look for it in the store and it's nowhere to be found! I mean, how long is it going to take before it's available in our stores? Has anyone had a chance to try it yet? #tragic

Where are you, my love?
Do you ever see the stuff people post on Facebook I think, "See, I could have gone my whole life without knowing that about you, I really wish I didn't know that about you. Because now I kinda don't like you as much and it would have been better for our friendship if you hadn't shared that." And on that note...

Remember how I took almost a month long break from Facebook and I didn't really miss it? Well, I've only been back at it for about a month and I'm already kinda over it again. So I might be taking another month long break and then just seeing how I feel after that.

So this happened on Monday:

IDK why I look so angry in these pictures. 
It was so very much needed, and I'm loving it! She cut it into more of an all one length bob, and I'm used to more layers, so it's taken some getting used to but I like it! The length was really dragging my hair down and I was getting frustrated with it every time I styled it. Cutting it short always makes it look more bouncy and healthy. At least I think so. #shorthairdon'tcare

What do you have to confess today?

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  1. Look at your hair - super cute!!!!
    I think the whole world is kinda getting over Facebook :)
    I did a 5k this weekend & my shins have been screaming every since!

  2. Love your hair!!! You look so cute with it short!! And younger!! Not that you looked old or anything before either. :) And yes, cauliflower does not equal chicken nuggets!

  3. I have not been able to find the Jimmy Fallon ice cream either, and it's driving me crazy since it sounds sooooo delicious and I must try it!

  4. Oh my gosh I'm loving your new hair cut - it looks amazing on you!! I will forever struggle with wanting cheese fries and wanting to look good in a bathing suit lol! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. Hahahaha I always get hung up with the misspelled line under Pinterest too! hello, it's definitely a word computer!! Also I love the short hair. I agree it always feels healthier and bouncier! It looks really cute on you!

  6. Your haircut is so cute!!!

    And Jimmy Fallon is borderline evil for that ice cream. Fortunately, I can't find it in my grocery store but knowing that it's out there somewhere makes me want to drive around looking for it.

  7. Yes to so many of these! Pinterest, all the time (looking at it now with that red squiggly line). There needs to be a happy medium with the toast option. It can't be too light or too over done. So over facebook. The things people share on there are more annoying than interesting or entertaining. We do not need to see that picture or know that disturbing fact about you ;) Your hair looks great! Neither of us have ever been that brave to go that short but you definitely pull it off well! Winks and Eyerolls

  8. I NEVER KNOW WHAT FACE TO MAKE IN HAIRCUT SELFIES. so I feel you. I love the short hair! also, apparently selfies isn't a word. I like to add things to the dictionary when I know I spelled them right but spellcheck disagrees. (for example. Kasey. spellcheck is always "don't you mean 'Casey' " NO. NO I DON'T!)

  9. I mean if selfie can be made into a real word then why can't pinterest?

  10. That hair cut is adorable. I took time off of Facebook last year and I still haven't re-activated it. I keep telling myself I will and then I realize I still don't want the drama.

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad I finally chopped it off, it was much needed! :)

      Seriously, drama and strangers arguing with each other seems to be the only thing FB is good for anymore! :D

      Hey I don't know if you know, but you're a no reply blogger so I can't email you back a response to your comment! :( Here's a really easy fix for that!

  11. this might be one of the funniest posts i've read in awhile. i completely agree with it all <3

  12. I constantly battle with wanting a cheeseburger and fries! And no matter how many healthy habits I change out...I will never eat cauliflower. I have tried over and over again to like it....I really just hate it. I would rather eat nothing. Haha!

    Super cute hair cut lady!!

  13. I do that EVERY time I type Pinterest. It is awful. You'd think we'd be used to it by now! haha Also, who leaves the toaster on "1"? Great post! :)

  14. I want to meet the person who thinks that cauliflower dipped in BBQ sauce tastes just like chicken nuggets... no comparison at all! Loving your haircut!!

  15. Haha that pinterest pic cracked me up. Whenever I find something on Pinterest and then go spend tons of money on it, I think "I could have just purchased this. Professionally done." LOL!

  16. I am so upset about that Jimmy Fallon ice cream. First it's like the most perfect ice cream to exist (everything I want in ice cream in one sinfully delicious pint) but then he teases me and I can't find it. Every time I go to the grocery store I look and am always walking away disappointed. C'mon Jimmy!

  17. I love love your confessions!
    My confession: I live in NYC and I haven't tried the Jimmy Fallon ice cream yet. I don't keep ice cream at home - no will power to resist. The next time I have a dinner or something to attend, I'll look for it so I can eat a serving and walk away.

  18. PS. That's a really funny description of the untoasted toast.

  19. I love how much volume you have with the new short haircut! I'm with you--my hair performs way better when it's short than when it's long.

  20. Luckily the town I work in has a Ben and Jerry's store, and I'm going to pick some up tonight! I love the hair, and totally agree! I just cut off 15" to donate, and my head literally feels so much lighter!

  21. hahah I love the angry face lol. The cut looks really cute! BTW 1 should not even be on the toaster. No one should toast their bread on 1!!

  22. This post made me laugh so much, because I can totally empathize! I am totally in the same place with my fitness battle...I'm trying to maintain a healthy BMI because my hubby and I are trying to have a baby, but I'm such a foodie, all I want to do is eat! And Jimmy's ice cream is AMAZING. My hubby special ordered it at work and brought home a couple pints - it's a new fave for sure. Oh, and your hair looks adorbs! Thanks for linking up with us at Hump Day Happenings!! Hope to see you next week!


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