Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Round-Up

I received these products for free to try and review. All opinions are my own. 

So I've had the opportunity to try some pretty awesome products this month! I thought I would share about my favorites all in one post. Here's the scoop:

Dessange Paris Vox Box:
(Received from Influenster)

So this was a hair care set, it came with the Oleo Miracle Replenishing ShampooOleo Miracle Replenishing Conditioner, and Oleo Miracle Replenishing Oil. They are specifically made to restore damaged hair, and since I've been known to be a little overzealous with the flat iron on my wavy locks, I was interested to try this. I was also a little skeptical, the shampoo and conditioner contain 3 types of oils (argan, camellia, and pracaxi), and while I have heard good things about oils for your hair, I had never used them and figured they would probably weigh my hair down or make it feel oily and dirty more quickly.

Plus there is the oil you are putting straight on your hair as part of the process and I was really skeptical about that! But I tried it anyway and was very pleasantly surprised! The first thing I noticed was the scent, at first I wasn't a fan. It's a fairly strong Gardenia type smell, which I have never cared for. However I noticed the next day when I would smell it in my hair it really wasn't cloying or overpowering, it mellows to a nice, pleasant scent.

I used all three products, as I said I had never used an oil in my hair so that was kind of weird! But the next day when my hair was dry and styled I noticed it looked very shiny and healthy! And it didn't weigh my hair down or make it feel or look dirty.

The only negative I would have to say about it is that it has Sodium Laurel Sulfates. I have some thinning issues with my hair and SLS is not great for that, so I prefer SLS free shampoos.

SweeTARTS Soft and Chewy Ropes:
(Received from Smiley360)

We might have eaten these in record time, hence the empty package before I could get a picture.
SweeTARTS Soft and Chewy Ropes
Adam LOVES chewy and/or gummy candies, AND he loves SweeTARTS, so I was excited to get this and have him try it! I handed it to him to try first, since he's the connoisseur, and he approves! I tried them too, of course, and they are so yummy! I love the flavor and the soft texture, they didn't stick to my teeth as badly as some other gummy candy I've tried. These would be a perfect movie snack.

Arnott's Tim Tam:
(Received from BzzAgent)

OMG. You guys. Do not buy these. Or, ok do buy them. But just be warned, they are addictive and you will eat the whole package in one sitting. When I first received these I was like "Hmmm, what's a Tim Tam?" and wasn't sure what to expect. Just think chocolaty and crunchy and creamy and delicious, that's a Tim Tam. I ate my last one this past weekend and I has a sads.

Tim Tams are from Australia, and before now you couldn't get them Stateside, but they have come to the USA and you can find them at our favorite place, Target (And oh my I just realized they have caramel Tim Tams too). So pretty much if you need me this weekend I'll be wandering around the aisles of Target drinking Starbucks and eating Tim Tams.

Suja Essentials:
(Received from BzzAgent)

Suja is a new all natural juice, 100% fruit, no added sugar or other weird ingredients! It's GMO free, organic, and cold-pressured, which apparently means you get a lot more of the good stuff with your juice than when they use heat to pasteurize it. And they are delicious! They're similar to Naked juices, but they really are all natural and I definitely preferred the taste and texture of Suja. With Naked and some other brands I've tried, the flavor was kind of weird and I honestly felt like I was drinking fruit sludge or something, they're so thick. Suja has a much smoother texture and the flavor is not cloyingly sweet like some juices.

Ok, now that I've typed a small novel, I will be done now. Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

If you would like to sign up with any of these sites and receive some awesome free samples to try, I would love if you could sign up under my link! Thank you! 





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  1. I have not had sweet tarts in so long - this makes me wish I was back in elementary school!! Great products you tried!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Sweet Tarts are my personal da bomb....I remember getting excited when the Hawaiian Punch one was the next one in the pack hahaha...yeah I'm old.

    1. OMG Hawaiian Punch! Those were the days, lol! ;)

      Hey I don't know if you realize but you're a no reply blogger, so I can't respond to your comment through email! Here's an easy fix!

  3. Chocolate girl here so I'll definitely be picking up some TimTams when I go to Target next as long as I remember. I love that you did this as a round up!!

  4. Oh got some great stuff in that box!!! I am with you on the hair hair is super thin and I spend extra $$ to make sure I get great products that dont make the issue worse! I cant see oil working in my hair either, hello greasy looking! Those sweet tart straws look so good! Twizzlers used to bake sour twizzlers and I super miss them!

  5. Found your blog through the linkup. I love Tim Tams. I staying in Australia for three months and become totally addicted. I'm so excited tat I can find them here. This made my week!

  6. I love sour, yummy gummy candy!! These are all great products!!!

  7. I enjoy a good SweeTart but I do not enjoy gummy candies so I'm not sure how I feel about them.

    I'm so particular about what I put in/on my hair because it's my favorite feature of mine (even if it's mostly an unruly mess) but I did not know that about that chemical. I will be checking all my products and especially my daughter's because she has fine hair. She doesn't need anything that would cause her to lose any.

  8. I tried some of that Suja stuff after a barre class + I could TOTALLY get on board with that! I am so picky about my shampoos that I've just about talked myself into the whole no poo thing. but saying no poo kind of grosses me out... hahah

  9. Now I totally have a craving for sweet tarts :)

  10. I used to love Sweet Tarts as a kid. Never heard of Dessange products but they sound great and I don't mind the gardenia smell. I would be skeptical of putting oil on my hair too but I know those hot oil treatments work well for dry hair.

  11. omg!! I saw your link on The Grits Blog link up and HAD to click over because... I wrote about TimTams today also! I can't believe on the same link up someone loves TimTams as much as I do - and blogged about them on the same day. They are completely addictive! And have you tried the TimTam Slam?


  12. Oooh you got some good stuff this month! I have a similar post planned for next week. March was good on the goodies!

  13. Ive heard that Tim Tams are soon yummy!!


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